The Big Cats of ‘Tiger King’ Will Live and Die in a Cage

You’ve been watching Netflix’s Tiger King documentary—that dizzying chronicle of America’s cruel breeders of big cats—and have no doubt marveled at the tragedy of its human characters. These are, after all, truly busted people like Joe Exotic, who in the series wears leather fringe unironically and breeds tigers under deplorable conditions at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, where visitors can hold baby tigers for a fee (of course) and take selfies (also of course).

The interpersonal drama between the human characters of Tiger King—including an attempted murder for hire—can distract from the real tiger tragedy: These

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How to use anonymous types in C#

An anonymous type is a type that doesn’t have a name. You can use an anonymous type to encapsulate a set of read-only properties inside a single unit — and you don’t need to define the anonymous type beforehand. This article discusses what anonymous types are, why they are important, and how we can work with anonymous types in C#.

To work with the code examples provided in this article, you should have Visual Studio 2019 installed in your system. If you don’t already have a copy, you can download Visual Studio 2019 here. 

Create a console application project in

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7 best practices for remote agile teams

Agile methodologies work best when everyone on the team is together in one location. When teams share a workspace, it’s easy for teammates to ask questions, pair on programming tasks, and solve problems without scheduling meetings. Using technologies like web conferencing, group chats, and email just isn’t as effective as direct, person-to-person interactions.

That said, organizations can make agile methodologies excel with remote and distributed teams, but it takes some work and experimentation. Team members must find the optimal use of technologies and adjust to communication styles to ensure team productivity, collaboration, and quality.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many

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Collaboration answers the call | Computerworld

Way back when, in the days before Mark Zuckerberg’s treachery was a trending Twitter topic, the tech industry was said to have boundless potential to improve the world. Plus, there was boundless money to be made! Then the trolls, criminals, predators, and demagogues marched into the public squares that tech built, and the tragedy of the digital commons unfolded on a global scale. And big tech wasn’t averse to monetizing that, either.

So tech was disastrously tarnished — until a few weeks ago, when, torn from our open-plan offices and trapped in our homes, we discovered the digital tools that

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2020 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport review: A family sedan for enthusiasts

Throughout the Honda Accord’s nearly 45-years of existence, it’s built a reputation of being a safe, reliable and strong all-around vehicle. Because of that it sits in the upper echelon of the midsize sedan class commonly grouped in with the likes of the Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry. It’s a car that many people see as a can’t-go-wrong option. But what’s something that many usually don’t think about the Accord? That would be that it can be quite a bit of fun to drive — especially in 2.0T Sport form. 


  • Energetic turbo engine
  • Slick manual transmission
  • Composed handling


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