The World Is Running Out of Elements, and Researchers Are Looking in Unlikely Places for Replacements

Make no slip-up: We are functioning out of features. As people have stuffed in all the corners of the periodic table, every aspect has resulted in technological innovation.

Europium and indium are very important for televisions and contact screens. Rhenium is vital in fighter jet engines. And to steer clear of some of the effects of climate modify, we want lithium and cobalt for electric car batteries, tellurium for solar panels and dysprosium for wind turbines. 

However we cannot make these features — they fashioned, along with Earth, billions of a long time ago. To replenish our dwindling outlets and

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What Is the ‘Bystander Effect’ and How Do People Overcome It?

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On April nine, 2017, 3 stability officers from the Chicago Division of Aviation forcibly eliminated David Dao from an overbooked United Airways flight. Dao, a sixty nine-12 months-aged health care provider, was dragged down the plane’s aisle just after he refused to give up his seat. In the process, his head hit an armrest and he was knocked unconscious.

The passengers obviously regarded what was developing: Quite a few took out their telephones and filmed the scene and afterwards expressed

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What Is the Oldest Human Fossil?

Humans, as we understand them, basically have a rather historical legacy on this earth. Anthropologists usually refer to any species in the genus Homo as human. 

The oldest reliably labeled fossils belonging to the genus Homo day again to a minimal about two million several years ago. They belong to H. habilis, a variety of historical hominin that experts classify as the initially of our genus, and which could have led to H. erectus, a single of our direct ancestors.

For the oldest fossils of H. sapiens, we must vacation to Morocco, to a web-site identified as

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The 40th Anniversary of the Mount St. Helens Eruptions Reminds us the Cascades are Still Dangerous

Now marks the 40th anniversary of the most crucial volcanic eruption in American background. Not only was the May possibly eighteen, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens the premier explosive eruption at any time in the reduced 48 states, but it birthed fashionable volcano checking for the nation.

However, considering that then, the Cascades have been comparatively silent, lulling lots of folks into thinking that there isn’t a great deal threat. That could be partly legitimate: the Cascades are a unusually silent volcanic arc, but that silent could be damaged by any variety of volcanoes from Washington to California.


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What It’s Like to Grow a ‘Mini-Brain’ From Your Own Cells

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It is not every single working day that writer Philip Ball is questioned to contribute to scientific experiments — ordinarily, he’s reporting on them as an alternative. But in 2015, scientists from a London-dependent challenge known as Designed Out of Intellect questioned Ball and a several other creatives if they’d participate in their function and then reflect on the expertise. He agreed.

Ball to start with gave a sample, built up of cells from his skin, which

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