While not owing to arrive right up until March 2021, Java Growth Kit (JDK) 16 is starting to consider condition, setting up with enabling C++ fourteen language features in JDK C++ supply code.

JDK 16 will be the reference implementation of the variation of normal Java established to abide by JDK fifteen, which is owing on September fifteen. The 6-thirty day period launch cadence for normal Java would have JDK 16 arriving up coming March.

As of July 29, three proposals were qualified to JDK 16:

  • Enablement of C++ fourteen language features, to allow the use of C++ fourteen capabilities in JDK C++ supply code and give precise assistance about which of these features could be applied in HotSpot VM code. By means of JDK fifteen, language features applied by C++ code in the JDK have been restricted to the C++98/03 language standards. With JDK 11, the supply code was updated to guidance creating with newer versions of the C++ normal. This includes getting capable to create with recent versions of compilers that guidance C++ 11/fourteen language features. This proposal does not suggest any fashion or usage variations for C++ code that is applied exterior of HotSpot. But to consider gain of C++ language features, some create-time variations are necessary, based on the system compiler.
  • Migration of OpenJDK supply code repositories from Mercurial to Git. Driving this effort and hard work are advantages in variation control technique metadata size and accessible equipment and web hosting.
  • Migration to GitHub, relevant to the Mercurial-to-Git migration, with JDK 16 supply code repositories to be on the common code-sharing site.

Early-access builds of JDK 16 for Linux, Home windows, and MacOS can be identified at jdk.java.internet. Like JDK fifteen, JDK 16 will be a shorter-phrase launch, supported for 6 months. JDK seventeen, owing in September 2021, will be a extensive-phrase guidance (LTS) launch that will acquire many yrs of guidance. The existing LTS launch, JDK 11, was introduced in September 2018.

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