June 20, 2024


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Blu Ray Duplication – Technology of the Future

The Blu-Ray technology has taken the world of High Definition video and audio by storm. Blu-ray Discs look the same as the ordinary CDs and DVDs, but they can hold a whopping 25GB to 50GB of data and the quality of sound and video can simply blow you away!

In Blu-Ray discs, the data is stored in smaller pits than CDs and DVDs and the data is packed much closer. The more number of pits there are on the disc, the higher the volume of information. The data is ‘read’ using a blue laser beam and hence the name ‘Blu-Ray’. Although Blu-Ray discs look like CDs and DVDs, they may or may not be read by ordinary CD and DVD players. Backward compatibility is not assured all the time.

As we dig deeper and deeper into the animation and sound effects world, many movies require the resolution (six times more) and features that are only afforded by Blu Ray. Due to the burgeoning demand for Blu-Ray CDs and DVDs, many companies have started exploring the possibilities of Blu Ray replication and Blu Ray duplication. Blu Ray replication is a relatively costly process because manufacturing and licensing costs more. Add to this the low consumer demand for Blu Ray replication and you know why many companies do not offer replication.

However, Blu Ray duplication is available and highly affordable. Companies that own Blu Ray duplicator towers record many kinds of Blu Ray formats like BD-R, BD-RE, Dual Layer, CD-R, CD-RW etc. Thus the duplicator tower is not a one-format tool. It has the ability to recognize the source format automatically, thus creating rewritable Blu Ray discs automatically. Blu Ray duplication produces a disc image that is loaded into the recordable media. The duplicator towers have the ability to edit the image. It also has a much acclaimed dynamic hard drive partition system which enables the tower to create hard disc partitions dynamically and intuitively, according to the size of the image, thereby saving valuable hard disk space. This user friendly disc duplicator tower has many other nifty features like password protection and dual-level security.

On an average, Blu Ray duplicator towers can duplicate two full discs every hour. This is massive when you consider the volume of information associated with a single Blue Ray disc. However, the time a company requires to duplicate your project depends on the amount of data and the number of units.

Blu Ray duplication offers a number of advantages over Blu Ray replication. Cost cutting is an important one. The Blu Ray video format is associated with a number of licensing fees. For example, the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) cost runs into thousands of dollars per title. Replicated Blu Ray discs include this fee but duplication is free of the heavy cost. Thus duplication is very cost effective.