July 18, 2024


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Choosing the Best Commercial Fridge for Your Cafe

Choosing the Best Commercial Fridge for Your Cafe

If you have a café, you will need a good quality commercial fridge. Although many small cafes try to make do with domestic appliances because they are cheaper, in the end they find that the money they hope to save has been wasted.

In a commercial kitchen is essential to store food at the correct low temperatures and in the correct manner. To do this, a domestic fridge is not suitable. A commercial fridge is the only appliance that can do the job of storing food well in a food service environment.

If you need a new fridge for your business, first identify an excellent supplier that has a solid track record of dealing with catering and food service customers. They should also have a good selection of different kinds of commercial refrigeration. For example, low temperature freezers, a serve over the counter display fridge, larder fridges and freezers or chest freezers. The list of options for commercial refrigeration is huge, and the best suppliers will be able to give you many different models to choose from.

Think about the nature of your business and speak to your supplier for advice so that you can choose the right appliance. For example, if your business is a café, you may need an ‘over the counter display fridge’ and a patisserie so you can display the food for your customers. Or if you are a restaurant, you will need suitable fridges and freezers to store all the foods required for a busy weekly service.

You should also consider the space you have on your premises. It will be important to house appliances where they can be easily reached. Safety is also a factor to take into consideration. The best suppliers will be able to help you choose the right model and decide the best place to install it.

Remember, the suppliers of commercial refrigeration appliances are not just sales people. They are specialists in the food service industry and they will have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the types of equipment a well-run and busy commercial kitchen will need. They will know the best way to design your kitchen and where your fridges and freezers should be located. They will also be able to advise and help you with maintenance and cleaning of your commercial appliances.

With a good supplier you will be able to source excellent equipment to help you run your business well.

Commercial refrigeration is an investment and should be taken seriously. So by picking a reputable supplier you can trust that the items you buy will be well made, reliable and robust. You are also more likely to get a much better return on your investment, and value for money, than you would if you tried to buy second hand or domestic appliances.

Choosing a good fridge and freezer for your café or coffee shop is not difficult, it just takes, care, planning and help from the right team of professionals who understand the business and know what you need to succeed.