April 14, 2024


The Internet Generation

Discover How Gmail Fax Can Help You

Fax has evolved, we can throw away our fax machines and start using a faster and better way of communicating. I’m talking about Gmail fax or the ability to fax using your Gmail address. This is a technology that can be reached by all types of businesses and even by individual professionals given its low startup cost. Here you will learn about the biggest benefits of integrating this technology.

To start with Gmail faxing, you need the help of an email fax service. They give you a virtual fax number that will be attached to your Gmail address, so all incoming faxes arrive to your inbox automatically. Although these services work with other types of email providers, suing Gmail is the best alternative since Google not only offers great sorting and categorizing features, but also gives you access to Google Drive where you cans tore faxes and even retrieve documents to fax directly from the cloud.

You will be given a fax number when you create an account with a service, it comes free of charge as part of the service. Since this is a digital number, it is ready to be used right away without the need of complicated installations and physical setups. You can choose between a local and a toll-free number at the moment of signing up with a service. The choice will depend on the availability of numbers in your area.

Digital technology opens new possibilities in the field of faxing. There are new features that machines simply couldn’t integrate. Take for example scheduling; now you can schedule faxes for later in a very single process on your web dashboard. This can be extremely helpful if you need to be away from your computer or the office, and can’t stay to send a fax.

There’s also the ability to “broadcast” a fax, meaning that you can send a fax document to various receivers at the same time, without having to waste time at all. The process is the same as sending a common email to various people. Just add all the numbers on the CC field of your email fax and they will all get your fax. Back in the day you had to either spend a lot of time on the machine or hire a service that would do it for you.

One of the features that I love the most about Gmail faxing, is that it can easily integrate with your phone. Nowadays services have started developing mobile apps that can help you enjoy basic fax functionalities on the go. You receive instant notifications of incoming faxes, and then you can view them or forward them. Faxes can be signed electronically and you can even compose new ones by taking a photo of a paper or another document with your phone. There are iPhone apps that you can use also in your iPad, as well as apps for Blackberry and Android based devices.

Gmail faxing puts the future of communications in your hands. This is a reliable and 100% secure technology.