July 18, 2024


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Do you really think PPC is better than SEO & SEO services?

SEO VS PPC: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

Mr. Jacob was walking down the boulevard of daydreams. When he was talking his anxieties to his friend last night about how his website is suffering, his friend revealed to him this latest spell called PPC. And in a moment, Mr. Jacob’s eyes had grown from saggy to sparkling hope. He was now daydreaming his growth to fame. But the world is all full of complexities, and decisions in haste do cost us time and effort. Should not Jacob know which is best – SEO services or PPC? Or which is best – Link Building Packages or PPC? Here we clear it all about what Mr. Jacob should’ve known beforehand!

Where are SEO services better than PPC?

Many people misunderstand SEO and SEO services. There is an air of ignorance around that SEO is just about including keywords! You write an article including the keywords you want to target and there you are on the path to some wonderful organic results. Organic results are those visitors who have come to your website using Google or any other search engine. When you search for something on Google and click on the first few links naturally, you are giving them an organic visit. In contrast, you can get visitors through advertisements or social media.

But one must think; if had SEO and SEO services been all about keywords, would not it be easier for everyone to rank on the top of SERP? Indeed! This would brutally have affected the quality of the user experience. This is why Google takes tens and hundreds of things as ranking factors while deciding which website to rank above another. Best SEO services do take care of all these things, apart from other crucial guidelines. So let’s look at where SEO services come more beneficial than PPC.

Benefits of SEO over PPC.

1 – SEO helps in creating brand image.

When you try to rank your website through SEO, it adds to your brand image. Think about it – Whom would you consider highly – website getting advertised or a website showing naturally at the top? Indeed the latter one. Psychology has it that we rely our trust on those who come naturally famous, rather than those we see on billboards. But billboards are there for their own purpose, which we will speak about later in this article. Furthermore, creating a brand image requires some best link building packages or services. Google highly takes quality links while deciding which website to show on top.

2 – Considerable cost-reduction.

Once the website is there on the top, your gateway spurs open for thousands to millions of visitors. And the good thing about this is that those visits are all free. You don’t have to pay for people visiting your website through the SERP. SEO is always cheaper in the long term. Almost! Why almost? Because it only helps when done correctly and using expertise. Know that it takes some best SEO services to guide you with their expertise towards that top spot.

3 – Long-term user-retention and sustainability.

PPC is like a calling marketer who brings to you these visitors till the time you pay the marketer. The very time you stop paying, the incoming lane of visitors ceases to exist. But this does not mean that it all goes to waste. There is a slight benefit of PPC that keeps us helping till much later. It’d be discussed in the next section about PPC.

Where is PPC better than SEO?

PPC is there for some reason. These search engine giants are no fool to be launching something for no reason at all. There are times when one needs to inform people about something in a sudden. Considering the time that SEO and SEO services take, it does come helpful in the moment of need. For example, if you are launching a product that is going to be there for some time alone, it would be foolish to rely on SEO alone. This is where PPC becomes a haven. Here are a few of its benefits:

Benefits of PPC over SEO.

1 – It shows over the organic results

When you search for something on Google, you might have noticed a few adverts showing at the top of the page. This is where PPC comes beneficial. If you think you have a product that should be shown over other organic results and people would love it, opt for PPC. But there is this thing to take heed of: Google or any other search engine does not take these visits while deciding rankings. The reason is to bring quality to the users. Google focuses mainly upon user experience, and for this, it takes link building and other genuine factors into consideration. If it would take PPC into factor, the whole world would be trying to rank using money alone. However, there is a psychological impact of PPC that keeps on benefitting the website till much time beyond — If your product is good, or content is good, those people will try reaching you directly and search for you again and again in the future.

2 – You can decide how much to spend.

Unlike SEO, you can spend as little and still get the visitors. SEO takes time, near to 4-6 months, and this too requires the best SEO services. But we all know once the link-building has happened and a trustful network has been created, using the best link building packages and services, a brand gets created and it returns to us revenue times manifold. PPC stops paying to you once you stop paying PPC.

3 – Visual benefits.

We all know how impactful visuals are. Science has it that we get driven towards visuals more than words. A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to PPC, you can use visuals to speak to people with much creativity and force.

4 – It provides quick results.

You cannot depend on SEO if there is something that you need to convey to people immediately. SEO is a slow process, though much stronger than PPC, and it takes time. Slow and steady wins the race and serves quality. If you need to create campaigns, events, and inform people about something which will be there for a short time, use PPC.

PPC or SEO Services? Final words.

Now when we know what SEO is and what PPC is, we can decide it considering our budget and goal. If the goal is to get a sudden surge of visitors, go for PPC. If the goal is to nourish your website for a long run, there is no match to SEO. SEO is a little complex and requires the guidance of experts. Search engines take many factors to provide quality content as per the user intent. Above it, Google had revealed in 2020 that it would be taking web vitals into consideration. Core Web vitals are a set of features that decide how friendly is website to the user experience. These factors were deciding loading speed, alignments and adjustments, and the earliest response time of the buttons. PPC on the other hand only takes into consideration the people you want to target and with what content. Go for the best SEO services and link building packages if your goal is to create the brand image.