July 15, 2024


The Internet Generation

Learn All About Virtual Technical Support Jobs

Learn All About Virtual Technical Support Jobs

Today’s working environment is largely web based, and everything seems to operate remotely. Ideally, this means that there is always a vacancy for an internet savvy person to provide virtual technical support. Apparently, these virtual support websites are a relief to any person who is having problems with their hardware or software.

The virtual technical company offers its support to organizations by deploying its technicians when demanded to a computer or software user who is having problems. It is possible to efficiently allocate and manage global IT help desks, allowing access to any computer connected to the internet across the globe. It also helps IT technical support staff to access systems virtually via support sessions where they diagnose and fix computer problems easily. Ideally, this eliminates for an in person customer support technician, it saves on time and travelling costs, and sometimes, the technician can give instructions on the phone that will help solve the problem.

Many people prefer to use virtual technical support because this saves time and traveling costs. The technician can also access the computer at any time of the day or night, which in the end, improves IT resource management, and helps the organization save money by enhancing their IT support efficiencies. Through this enhanced ability to allocate resources, IT companies have the flexibility to come up with innovative ways of using technical support facilities. The basic requirements are ideal software and qualified staff.

To become a virtual it technician, you must have more qualifications than a high school diploma, ideally, you need to undertake training in IT support. You must have a firm knowledge of antivirus, mp3 players, PC support, mobile devices, operating systems, firewalls and antispyware, networks and the internet. You must have strong communication skills, both written and oral, while having a second language would be an added advantage.

You must be able to elaborate technical concepts to a nonprofessional easily, or be able to come down to the customer’s understanding level. You also need excellent customer interaction skills, be able to solve problems creatively. On the other hand, you need a workstation which uses at least windows XP and upwards or Linux operating system, have at least 2GB ram, higher is better, high speed internet, a PC head set, and a good working environment.

As a virtual technician, you can expect to earn a fixed salary, or earn per the number on support services you have offered and the amount of time taken on each. Ideally, you can either earn a commission per job, an hourly rate, or a fixed salary if the organization has a lot of work for you to do. You can make an average of $4,000 per month and even more than $87,000 per year. While on the other hand, hourly rates can range from $25 to $100 per hour. This depends on the employer your expertise and the job requirements.

Organizations that offer technical services are in constant need of virtual technicians. These can include those that offer networking services, software sales, and even international organizations that have their staff working in remote locations need virtual technical support staff.

You can find a job by applying to the individual companies that offer these services, or apply through an agency that will match you with an appropriate company. There are numerous opportunities to work as a virtual technician these days, and it would not be difficult to land yourself a job. You can also register with a freelancing website and look for employers, who need your services, which would be an appropriate beginning point.

The basic duties include offering technical support to clients remotely, helping them solve computer hardware and software problems, assisting in training new staff on how to use new software, networking support, antivirus support and other software and hardware related problems.