September 25, 2023


The Internet Generation

LG 47LE5900 Review

The LG 47LE5900 is a slimline 47 inch LED television from LG released in early 2010, offering high definition television, along with a wide range of other features including internet connectivity. One of a range of televisions, ranging from 32-55 inches, it is based on the relatively new flat screen technology – LED.

LED televisions are fairly new to the market, and are competing with the existing flat screen technologies – LCD and Plasma. LED uses light-emitting diodes to produce colors, replacing the bulbs and color wheels used by the other technologies. The advantages are that it provides more intense, saturated colors, with better detail. Also the lack of moving parts means that there is less potential for part failure.

With a built in High Definition digital tuner, this television supports full 1080p picture resolution, with a 100Hz refresh rate (called TruMotion by LG). The introduction of digital television has expanded the possibilities for television programming, with extra channels and features, including High Definition pictures. The advantage of the 47LE5900 is that it supports HD programming out of the box, without the need for an extra set top box, as with earlier televisions.

Internet connectivity – referred to by LG as NetCast – allows you to draw internet content straight onto your television, without necessarily having to connect a computer. There is a network port at the rear of the television to connect to a broadband connection, or you can use a WiFi adaptor. Among other services, this connectivity allows you to access YouTube videos, Skype, or photo sharing services.

While there has been the ability to connect digital cameras and camcorders to televisions for a long time, the 47LE5900 has a USB port for easy access. This means that it is fast and easy to access videos and photos, without the need to carry around an extra type of cable. In addition to this there four (4) HDMI ports, allowing a number of input sources.

Also supported with this model is DLNA connectivity. DLNA is a trade name for devices which are able to connect to each other to share content – basically allowing you to connect your television to your computer, printers and mobile devices. Essentially this allows you to play or display music and videos, with the caveat that there is Digital Rights Management restrictions.

While the LED television technology has been around for a few years, most consumers have been waiting for it to hit the mainstream, with the inherent price drop and technical evolution. As more and more manufacturers start releasing products, consumers will find that there are cheaper and better-featured products coming onto the market.

The decision to step in and buy a new television is a big investment for most families, and ultimately the choice has to be made based on what you want to get out of the product, and what features you require. For the moment at least the LG 47LE5900 is a well designed television at the upper end of the screen size spectrum, with features that places it at the forefront of current technology.