April 23, 2024


The Internet Generation

Simple Steps to Help You Create a Job Posting Template

Job posts are more than listings on a third-party website. They’re advertisements that communicate the value of employment at your company and the primary medium through which new candidates enter the recruiting process.

Because job posts carry such importance, everyone needs to be carefully crafted. But if you’re recruiting for a high-growth company, you probably struggle with scale. How do you produce a consistent volume of posts while maintaining high quality? Learn about effective job posting tips for recruiters so you can use a job posting template.

Templates are excellent for scaling content production because they adhere to the same process every time. The following five steps will help you create a job posting template that not only reduces your workload but also brings in more qualified candidates.

Define requirements and responsibilities

It may sound simple, but this first section is where many job postings go wrong. To make your template successful, eliminate unnecessary information on responsibilities and requirements.

For example, is “5 years of experience” required, or is that just an arbitrary number? Is a postgraduate degree necessary? Only list what the role requires.

The same goes for responsibilities. Isolate the most important, and leave out the superfluous information like who the candidate will report to and so on. Instead, explain what the day-to-day experience looks like.

Research your keywords

Keyword research will reveal what candidates are searching for. Studies have shown that 71 percent of Google searches end with a click on the first page. The top five results on the first page own 67 percent of all clicks.

The position is essential, so you need to research each time you build a new listing. The best method is to “spy.” Enter two or three phrases related to your job posting and see what your competition is doing.

This type of research also analyzes what your audience is looking for. The more popular the keyword you are using for your job posting(i.e., the higher number of listings), your audience’s more interest.

Once you know what’s ranking well, you’ll know what keywords to include throughout your post and how to write the post title. Mold the title for the job posting based on keywords rather than what your company calls the title.

Suppose your organization uses an uncommon title and uses it as your headline. In that case, your post won’t rank well, and candidates probably won’t understand what it means.

Write the content

The most challenging part of developing your template will be writing the content, but getting the right formula down will save you a ton of time later. First and foremost, always consider length. The ideal post is between 400 and 800 words long, so you should prioritize brevity.

Second, don’t make the content read as though your ideal candidate were a robot. This listing is an opportunity to showcase your organization’s culture, so add some personality to your copy. If you need help finding the right tone, send the post to your marketing team for review.

Finally, include the perks and benefits your company offers employees. Along with welcoming company culture, a robust benefits package can be as persuasive as a high salary.