Moto G Stylus review: Long battery life, basic stylus support, $300 price Review


Common readers know I am a big Samsung Galaxy Take note lover, commencing back again in 2012 with the Galaxy Take note II. The Galaxy Take note is 1 of the most costly phones introduced every year, but there are some other solutions that supply stylus assistance at more inexpensive price stages.

When I observed Moto announce the availability of the Moto G Stylus I right away positioned an buy for 1 so I could see how properly it did with stylus assistance. At $299, it was hard to resist and right after more than a week with the cell

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The Pentagon Hasn’t Fixed Basic Cybersecurity Blind Spots

The United States federal government isn’t known for robust cybersecurity. Even the Department of Defense has its share of known vulnerabilities. Now a new report from the Government Accountability Office is highlighting systemic shortcomings in the Pentagon’s efforts to prioritize cybersecurity at every level and making seven recommendations for shoring up DoD’s digital defenses.

The report isn’t a checklist of what DoD should be doing to improve cybersecurity awareness in the abstract. Instead, GAO looked at three DoD-designed initiatives to see whether the Pentagon is following through on its own goals. In a majority of cases, DoD has not completed

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