Artificial intelligence accelerates blood flow MRI

Imaging technological innovation helps to detect cardiovascular conditions a great deal earlier having said that, specific exams are however quite time-​consuming. Scientists from ETH and the College of Zurich have now introduced a process that could considerably speed up dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of blood circulation.

“Thanks to this innovation, quantitative magnetic resonance imaging could make tremendous development,” suggests Sebastian Kozerke, Professor of Biomedical Imaging at ETH and the College of Zurich. He labored with Valery Vishnevskiy and Jonas Walheim to establish a process that considerably accelerates so-​called 4D circulation MRIs.

“At the minute, the recording and subsequent processing of

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Would you allow this robot to draw your blood?

Drawing blood is actually one of the first things you learn in the medical school. However, many patients still get injured during these procedures. Veins are not always easy to see and pierce, which results in multiple tiny wounds and bruises. But what if we passed this role to robots? Scientists from the Rutgers University have created a tabletop device, which can already draw blood very efficiently.

Why would we delegate this task to robots?

That’s a good question. Humans accomplish this task very well, but failures still occur in an estimated 20 % of procedures. Robots can be more

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