Rise of the Data Disruption Economy in the Wake of COVID-19

Ventana Exploration posits that in uncertain times architecting methods, even on premises, usually means adopting cloud ideas to be agile and adaptable.

New facts techniques needed to meet needs imposed by the pandemic may perhaps also be signals of seismic shifts in the market place, some specialists say. On Tuesday, Raj Verma, Co-CEO of MemSQL, a SQL database administration process, held an on-line hearth chat with Dave Menninger, senior vice president and investigation director of facts and analytics investigation from Ventana Exploration. They discussed reshaping architecture in reaction to COVID-19 and touched on how Snowflake likely community, in what is

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Asbestos Removal Is a Hard Job, but Covid-19 Makes It Harder

This story initially appeared on Grist and is portion of the Weather Desk collaboration.

It was just before dawn as seven cumbersome adult men in T-shirts and sweatpants gathered in entrance of a towering glass making on Lexington Avenue in New York Town. Marcelo Crespo, a 41-12 months-previous with gleaming environmentally friendly eyes and a goatee, beckoned the team around to a white corporation van, handing every man a pile of protective equipment: confront mask and respirators, full-system coveralls, shoe handles, hard hats, masking tape.

Clutching their bundles, the adult men entered through the back doorway of the making, getting

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How Chemicals Like PFAS Can Increase Your Risk of Severe COVID-19

Almost a yr ahead of the novel coronavirus emerged, Dr. Leonardo Trasande revealed “Sicker, Fatter, Poorer,” a e-book about connections concerning environmental pollutants and quite a few of the most prevalent continual ailments. The e-book describes many years of scientific investigate displaying how endocrine-disrupting chemical compounds, existing in our every day life and now discovered in just about all folks, interfere with purely natural hormones in our bodies. The title sums up the implications: Chemical substances in the ecosystem are creating folks sicker, fatter and poorer.

As we understand additional about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, investigate is revealing unappealing

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I Have to Quarantine for How Long? And Other COVID-19 Questions Answered

In this Q&A, we speak with epidemiologist Kelly Kamm about virus latency, isolation
versus quarantine, contact tracing, and why medical guidelines continue to change.

Kelly Kamm is an epidemiologist and assistant professor of kinesiology and integrative
physiology at Michigan Technological University. Kamm’s expertise has been vital to
informing the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, she explains some
of the more complicated aspects of COVID-19 in a college setting.

Want to Learn More about COVID-19? You’re Invited! 

Steven Elmer and Kelly Kamm — faculty in Michigan Tech’s Kinesiology and Integrated
Physiology Department — along with the Health Research Institute,

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MTU One of Just a Few US Universities with Highly Robust COVID-19 Testing Plans

Return-to-campus plans change extensively by college as COVID-19 conditions go on to increase in
the US. Researchers say Michigan Tech has 1 of the most sturdy plans in the nation.

Hundreds of higher education pupils are returning to campuses across the country. But, just
days just after welcoming pupils back again, or even prior to performing so, a number of universities
have previously transitioned back again to distant instruction pursuing clustered outbreaks
of COVID-19.

In this context, researchers at Cal Tech and Johns Hopkins College combed via
the return-to-campus plans of additional than 500 US universities and observed that these

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