Am I Immune to COVID-19 if I Have Antibodies?

Perhaps the most essential query now about COVID-19 is the diploma to which a prior an infection protects from a second an infection by the new coronavirus. This impacts vaccine progress and herd immunity and is one thing for every of us to take into consideration as antibody exams are now readily available.

I am a physician scientist and have a Ph.D. in microbiology as effectively as an M.D. My scientific specialty is inside drugs and I subspecialize in infectious conditions. I am working on one particular solution to COVID-19 vaccination even though also caring for hospitalized people.

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Why People Of Color Are Disproportionately Hit By COVID-19

Of the over 115,000 People in america that have died from the coronavirus, a disproportionate range of people persons are Black or Hispanic. 

In New York Metropolis this May possibly, Hispanics and Blacks ended up about two times as possible as whites to have the coronavirus, and died from it at two times the price. In Chicago, people identical populations ended up approximately two and a 50 percent periods extra possible to have the ailment. 

Those differences are much too significant to be random likelihood. Contributing elements include things like where by persons are living and how persons of

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How an Immunology Blog Became a Covid-19 Guide to Going Out

In truth they are. What scientific tests have been the most enlightening for you as far as assessing the hazards of various places and functions?

It is not so a lot been any 1 individual publication, but rather the discussions that experts are owning on Twitter. There is an epidemiologist at Boston University named Ellie Murray, who put alongside one another a feed of the 60 most popular experts and communicators in the industry. So you can view in true time this amazing collective hive head go to get the job done on each and every new paper that arrives

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Mobile payments may soar, thanks to COVID-19

1 of the most regularly questioned concerns in these days of pandemic is, “When will issues get back again to usual?” Valid answers are typically, “They will never. Goodbye, handshakes” and “In stages, ending when a vaccine is accredited and commonly distributed.” When it arrives to payments, the answers are far more difficult, but not any far more comforting.

Paper income and cash have been plummeting in usage for decades, and COVID-19 certainly just isn’t heading to aid. From a retail and finance viewpoint, those people paper and metallic currencies are far more high-priced to deal with (to rely, to

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COVID-19 Antibody Testing: Tougher Than True/False

The initial wave of Covid-19 tests questioned, Do you have the SARS-CoV-two virus ideal now? But as the globe commences to eye an exit from lockdown, it requires tests that can answer a diverse problem: Did you have the virus in the previous? If so, a human being must have antibodies: proteins in the blood that will realize and grab on to the virus if it will come back again, and — hopefully — block reinfection.

Screening for antibodies could answer essential concerns about the virus, helping epidemiologists keep track of exposures and perhaps major to the issuing

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