Smoke & Mirrors, book review: How to identify and filter out technology hype


Smoke & Mirrors: How Hoopla Obscures the Long term and How To See Previous It • By Gemma Milne Minimal, Brown Guide Team 322 pages ISBN 978-one-4721-4366-2 £14.ninety nine

There was a tale that built the rounds in the middle of the dot-com bust. As share selling prices of tech providers — both of those superior and terrible — cratered, another person questioned a bunch of Silicon Valley styles these two issues: Was the web hyped? (Of course). How lots of considered that in 5 several years the web would be greater than it was then?

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Smartphone Camera Zoom Explained: What Is It, Beyond the Marketing Hype?

Optical zoom in cellphone cameras isn’t really a new principle, but of late makers are actually beginning to press the boundaries with just how a lot zoom can be realized from the camera. The Huawei P20 Pro (Evaluate) actually set the ball rolling for AI-assisted zoom and now, telephones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are at the pinnacle of what’s probable, providing a whopping 100x zoom. You probably read a lot about firm’s throwing all-around advertising and marketing terms this sort of as ‘Space Zoom,’ ‘Hybrid zoom,’ and ‘Lossless zoom’ — but what do all of these terms truly

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iPhone SE review: Apple’s $399 iPhone lives up to the hype

There are a lot of ways to think about Apple’s new $399 iPhone SE. One is that it’s a more affordable option than the iPhone 11 ($699 at Apple), with surprisingly similar camera specs, which it is. Or that it’s the 2020 sequel to the original SE from 2016, which it also is. Or, at 4.7 inches, that it’s the smallest and cheapest iPhone you can currently buy. Or (and this is my favorite way to think about it) that it’s an iPhone 8 with the brains and power of an iPhone 11. In fact, the

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