Origin PC Eon15-X review: 12 cores, if you need them

Origin PC takes “desktop replacement” seriously. Like the Alienware Area-51m, and its ilk, the company’s Eon15-X and Eon17-X incorporate desktop CPU and GPUs into powerful but power-hungry laptops. Intended to move at most from outlet to outlet rather than from conference room to coffee shop, battery life takes a back seat to performance. The Eon15-X is a reasonably priced midrange model with midrange graphics and one headliner: It incorporates AMD’s latest desktop processors, including a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900.


  • Extremely fast CPU
  • Calibrated display

Don’t Like

  • Fans are loud except in Quiet mode, which is too slow
  • No
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PC gamers and researchers asked to donate GPU and CPU time to help fight coronavirus

PC gamers and researchers asked to donate GPU and CPU time to help fight Coronavirus

Pc players and researchers asked to donate GPU and CPU time to help fight Coronavirus

A dispersed computing venture is urging researchers and Pc players around the globe to donate some of their CPU and GPU computing electricity to help in the fight towards coronavirus, also recognized as COVID-19.

[email protected] (FAH) is an intercontinental venture centered in the Pande Lab at Stanford College. Led by Dr Greg Bowman, the venture utilises the idle computing electricity of hundreds of hundreds of PCs owned by volunteers throughout the globe to simulate the molecular dynamics of protein folding and misfolding in a variety

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New listing, teaser for Halo: Combat Evolved means it’s coming soon to PC

We realized just yesterday that Halo: Fight Evolved Anniversary Version could be coming shortly to the Computer version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. But we did not count on ‘soon’ would mean ‘a day later on.’ But, in a shock start, the remaster of the first Halo is now out there on Steam, the Microsoft Retail store, and Xbox Game Go.

Xbox Game Go subscribers and homeowners of Halo: The Master Chief Collection now have obtain to the

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Corsair One Pro review: A Mighty Mouse PC for creatives (or gamers)

Corsair One Pro i200

It’s got as many connections on the back as a system twice its size.

Sarah Tew/CNET

I’m not one for naming inanimate objects, but from the moment I booted this little monster up, the Corsair One Pro has been my Mooncake: an utterly adorable, fire-breathing little planet killer of a desktop PC. It’s not the fastest PC I’ve tested, but you can also fit about five Ones into the Origin PC Genesis case system I’ve got on deck. Compared to more bulked-up systems, it performs pretty competitively on the jobs it’s intended for, namely photo and video editing. For its

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