AI systems that work w/doctors and know when to step in

In new decades, full industries have popped up that count on the delicate interaction between human staff and automatic software. Organizations like Facebook function to hold hateful and violent content off their platforms using a combination of automatic filtering and human moderators. In the clinical discipline, scientists at MIT and in other places have utilized machine studying to enable radiologists better detect distinctive kinds of cancer.

What can be challenging about these hybrid strategies is understanding when to count on the knowledge of men and women versus packages. This is not generally just a problem of who does a process

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LG Velvet review: An affordable 5G phone that I wish would step it up a little more

With the 5G-enabled LG Velvet, the South Korean phone-maker is trying something new. The Velvet doesn’t belong to any of the company’s established lines, like the G- and V- series. It looks different than most LG phones and at $599 in the US, it’s more affordable than LG’s G8 and V60. (UK and Australian prices and availability are TBA, but the South Korean price converts to about £600 or AU$1,100.)


  • Sleek design
  • Headphone jack
  • Good battery life so far

Don’t Like

  • No new standalone software features
  • Fingerprint reader is finicky

The Velvet is LG’s signal that it’s heading towards

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