Smoke & Mirrors, book review: How to identify and filter out technology hype


Smoke & Mirrors: How Hoopla Obscures the Long term and How To See Previous It • By Gemma Milne Minimal, Brown Guide Team 322 pages ISBN 978-one-4721-4366-2 £14.ninety nine

There was a tale that built the rounds in the middle of the dot-com bust. As share selling prices of tech providers — both of those superior and terrible — cratered, another person questioned a bunch of Silicon Valley styles these two issues: Was the web hyped? (Of course). How lots of considered that in 5 several years the web would be greater than it was then?

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How technology is improving the quality of life of people living with dementia

Gavin Bashar, Uk MD of Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the important function of clinical notify systems, exercise monitoring and wellness monitoring to make improvements to treatment shipping and maintain wellness and wellbeing for people today residing with dementia. 

In the Uk, 850,000 people today at this time are living with dementia but this is set to access 1.six million by 2040 because of to the ageing inhabitants.

It can be challenging to treatment for a person residing with dementia, and this has only been exacerbated further more by COVID-19. Even so, technology is obtainable to guidance treatment-supplying and assure that folks

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Deep Drone Acrobatics | Technology Org

A navigation algorithm created at the College of Zurich enables drones to study challenging acrobatic maneuvers. Autonomous quadcopters can be properly trained making use of simulations to enhance their velocity, agility and efficiency, which gains standard look for and rescue functions.

A quadrotor performs a Matty Flip. (Graphic: Elia Kaufmann/UZH)

Since the dawn of flight, pilots have utilised acrobatic maneuvers to examination the limits of their airplanes. The exact goes for traveling drones: Experienced pilots typically gage the limits of their drones and evaluate their degree of mastery by traveling such maneuvers in competitions

Larger efficiency, full velocity

Operating together

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Technology and Its Limits: Transformation is About People

In the argot of present day technology entire world, transformation is about “Persons + Device.” The equipment on your own is, very well, just a equipment.

The technology entire world is awash in chat of “transformation.” The most typical kind that this dialogue requires is just one of “digital transformation.” This idea has been supplied great credence by doer and pundit alike and has garnered not only a great offer of consideration but also an avalanche of sources. The concept is uncomplicated and highly effective: Modern companies have to have to have a electronic spine, irrespective of regardless of whether

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Spiky neural networks | Technology Org

Engineering can consider cues from character, but scientists can also use know-how to improved comprehend some natural phenomena. In a latest experiment, scientists aimed to describe the adaptable habits of biological neural networks by means of the use of artificial types.

They discovered, counterintuitively, that incorporating some noisy spikes into the normally sleek manage sign of a robot’s neural community can essentially enhance its security of motion. This sort of habits mimics what is found in biological neurons. This analysis could be primarily useful in bettering how robots and other systems can adapt to unfamiliar environments.

Synthetic agent. A smaller

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