April 14, 2024


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What Is a Dedicated IP Address and Its Benefits With a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated IP Address vs. Shared IP Address: Clearing up the Myths | by Andy  | Medium

When browsing different hosting services, you might have come across the term IP address. There are two types of IP addresses: shared and dedicated. Shared IP addresses allow multiple users to share an IP address. Dedicated IP addresses are exclusive to a single user. 

Although a dedicated IP address provides many useful benefits, the decision to buy one should mostly depend on your website’s purpose. 

In this article, we will learn more about what a dedicated IP address is and its benefits with a dedicated server.  

Understanding What a Dedicated IP Address Is?

Dedicated IP is an exclusive IP address that is designated to a single user or device. In other words, it means that other users can not get this dedicated IP address assigned to them. 

Although getting a dedicated IP address costs extra, it provides many beneficial features, like managing IT operations. This allows server administrators to protect your internal systems against unwanted access, lowering the risk of an intruder attempting to connect. 

What are The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address with a Dedicated Server?

Below are some detailed benefits of a dedicated IP address with dedicated server hosting-

  1. Provides a Secure Remote Access

With a dedicated IP address, employees can secure access to the company’s resources from anywhere in the world. To ensure secure remote access, dedicated IP allows you to control who has access to the company’s sensitive and critical data. 

  1. Provides Safer File Transfer 

With a dedicated IP, you can also build a FTP (file transfer protocol) server. This allows you to share data and files within an institution. Additionally, a private file transfer protocol offers the benefit of faster file transfer and a higher level of protection.

  1. Provides Website Access via Dedicated IP

You can directly use your IP address to access your website through a web browser. You can simply access your website by typing the IP address into the web browser, and it will direct you to the website. This benefits users who want to build a website without purchasing a domain name and when domain servers are down.

  1. Provides Higher Email Deliverability

Businesses can send a high volume of emails with dedicated IP addresses. To avoid being perceived as spam by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), it is advisable to send a small number of emails till the ISP recognizes your IP address.

Additionally, IP reputation impacts email deliverability. ISPs consider IP reputation to regulate whether emails belong in the recipient’s inbox. This means that a higher volume of emails can be delivered with a better IP reputation.


There are several other benefits of dedicated IP addresses, such as reducing the risk of IP blacklisting, improving website speed, installation of SSL certificates to provide better security, etc. 

It is essential to consider your website’s requirements to choose the right type of IP address. If your website requires FTP access, is experiencing a surge in traffic, or expedites a high volume of outgoing emails, then choosing a dedicated IP address is the right choice for you.