Were Dinosaurs Social Creatures or Lone Rangers?

From the time of their discovery through the seventies, dinosaurs had been generally depicted as loners. They led reasonably solitary lives and didn’t treatment a great deal for their offspring. “Lay ’em and go away ’em” was their parenting model. But by the end of the twentieth century, a very distinctive image of dinosaurs experienced emerged.

Trackways of sauropods and hadrosaurs seemed to point out that these dinosaurs moved alongside one another at least some of the time. An enormous bone mattress of the horned dinosaur Centrosaurus only manufactured sense in the context of social conduct. Nesting grounds for dinosaurs

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South Sudan Is Building Its Electric Grid Virtually From Scratch

As South Sudan emerges from the wreckage of civil war, its leaders are beginning to construct the nation’s electric sector from the ground up. With only a handful of oil-fired electricity plants and crumbling poles and wires in place, the state is striving for a technique that operates largely on renewable electrical power and reaches additional homes and corporations. 

Right now, only about 1 p.c of South Sudan’s 12.five million people can access the electric grid, in accordance to the point out-operate utility. Lots of people use rooftop solar arrays or noisy, polluting diesel generators to maintain the lights on Read More

A Lithium-Ion Battery That Works Even When It’s on Fire

Back in the early 1990s, when regional firefighters acquired a phone from Moli Vitality, they understood exactly where to head: the company’s battery warehouse. The Vancouver-based company was the 1st to mass generate rechargeable lithium-metal batteries. But the batteries experienced a nasty habit of exploding, which sooner or later led to a huge remember that bankrupted the company.

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Surge in remote work strains Zoom services

Zoom has struggled to retain some of its solutions on-line this 7 days amid a spike in remote work since of the world wide coronavirus pandemic.

Users have had to hold out appreciably more time than normal to obtain recordings of Zoom conferences in the cloud. The business said its engineering group was working to solve the difficulty, attributing the backlog to “excessive demand.”

Zoom’s dial-in numbers have also faltered quite a few moments this month. Elevated website traffic has so far clogged audio traces in Japan, New York and Hong Kong, forcing customers to hook up to a meeting’s

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CIOs should plan for a spike in healthcare cyberattacks

Healthcare organizations face a developing danger of healthcare cyberattacks all through the coronavirus pandemic.

The federal authorities is comforting restrictions so that providers can handle sufferers from home and use customer-grade technologies like Skype and FaceTime. The steps are aimed at holding providers and sufferers at home as much as achievable to gradual the distribute of COVID-19. But there is also a downside to creating healthcare much more available: The steps are generating much more factors of entry into healthcare techniques for cyberattackers.

Right before the coronavirus outbreak, the healthcare field was presently just one of the most most likely

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