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5 Best Zinc Supplements On The Market

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There are hundreds of different vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to stay healthy and to work as efficiently as possible. One of the most important minerals that you’ve likely heard about is zinc.

Unlike some vitamins and minerals, zinc isn’t naturally produced by the body. This means that it must be obtained through foods that contain zinc, such as meat, shellfish, and legumes. Zinc of course can also be obtained through supplements.

But how do you know if your body is zinc deficient? Some of the tell-tale signs include:

●      Hair loss

●      Impaired immune function

●      Loss of appetite

●      Diarrhea

●      Eye and skin lesions

●      Lack of alertness

●      Decreased sense of smell and taste

If you suspect that you have a zinc deficiency, this can be confirmed through a blood test. Boosting zinc levels is as simple as finding a high quality supplement, while also eating a wholesome diet, that supports overall health and well-being.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of zinc while also reviewing the top five best zinc supplements that are available on the market today.

Top 5 Zinc Supplements

1. Elm and Rye Zinc

2. Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges

3. NutraChamps Liquid Ionic Zinc

4. Thorne Research Zinc

5. Vitafusion Power Zinc Gummies

But before we go in-depth about which zinc supplements you should consider buying, let’s first take a look at what zinc is and the many benefits that a zinc supplement can provide.

Benefits of Taking Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that plays a role in many aspects of health. Over the years, research has shown that zinc offers a wide range of health benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when taking a zinc supplement.

Improved Immune System

A majority of the natural remedies and over-the-counter medications available on the market today contain a healthy dose of zinc. This is because the mineral has shown to be effective in boosting immune function while also reducing inflammation.

In fact, one study found that zinc lozenges were able to reduce the duration of the common cold by 33%. This means less time spent coughing, sneezing, and feeling less than your best. Lozenges in the study contained 80-92mg of zinc each.

Zinc has also shown to have antioxidant properties. It works within the body to reduce inflammation while also protecting against chronic health conditions, to include diabetes, heart disease, and possibly even cancer.

By taking a zinc supplement, users often experience a stronger immune system, less inflammation, and a reduced frequency of infections.

Natural Acne Fighter

Not only can zinc boost internal health, it may also work wonders for improving skin health. For years, zinc supplements have been used to promote overall skin health. It specifically has been used to treat conditions such as acne. This is because the mineral has shown to be effective in decreasing the symptoms of severe acne, such as redness and inflammation.

Some of the best forms of zinc to use in treating acne include zinc sulfate and zinc picolinate. In treating acne and other skin conditions, zinc can be taken through an oral supplement or can be applied using a topical product.

One of the biggest benefits of using zinc to treat acne and other skin conditions is the fact that zinc supplements are inexpensive and effective. They also come with a much lower risk of side effects when compared to other acne-treating products.

Aids in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Zinc plays a crucial role in insulin secretion and blood sugar control. Insulin is the hormone that transports sugar from the bloodstream to various tissues throughout the body. Research has shown that zinc may play a role in regulating blood sugar levels by keeping them steady. Research has also shown that zinc may improve the body’s insulin sensitivity.

A review conducted in 2012 showed that zinc supplements were effective in improving short- and long-term blood sugar control in those with diabetes.

While zinc shouldn’t be used to replace insulin injections or other drugs meant to regulate blood sugar levels, a supplement could help to reduce the body’s resistance to insulin. This improves the body’s ability to efficiently use insulin, which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Boost Heart Health

Heart disease is a problem that plagues adults around the world. Aside from a healthy diet and proper exercise, zinc supplements may also be an effective option for improving heart health. Zinc may improve some of the most common risk factors for heart disease, including lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

A review of 24 studies conducted in 2015 found that zinc supplements were effective in decreasing LDL cholesterol levels along with blood triglycerides. A decrease in these two factors may be effective in preventing heart disease.

There are also studies that may show a link between zinc and lower systolic blood pressure levels. Other research shows a potential link between low levels of serum zinc and a heightened risk of coronary heart disease.

Accelerates Wound Healing

Zinc is commonly used to treat a variety of wounds, including certain types of ulcers, burns, and other skin injuries. This is because zinc plays a critical role in collagen synthesis, inflammatory response, and immune function. It’s a necessity for proper healing.

What many people don’t know is that the skin holds about 5% of the body’s zinc content. Because of this, low zinc levels can impair wound healing. Zinc supplements can speed the healing and recovery of wounds.

One study conducted on 60 people diagnosed with diabetic foot ulcers found that the 200 participants who were given 200mg of zinc daily experienced significant reductions in ulcer size.

Types of Zinc Supplements

Not only are there many different brands of zinc supplements to choose from, there are also different types of zincs that you can take. The type of zinc that’s best for you is highly dependent on the condition that you want to treat.

Here are some of the most common forms of zinc that you’ll find used in supplements available on the market:

●      Zinc gluconate. This is the most commonly available form of zinc that is used in over-the-counter medications. Zinc gluconate is often found in supplements meant for cold remedies, such as nasal sprays and lozenges.

●      Zinc acetate. This form of zinc is also commonly added to supplements designed to minimize cold and flu symptoms while also improving the rate of recovery. Zinc acetate is typically used in cold lozenges.

●       Zinc orotate. Zinc orotate is bound to orotic acid and is also a widely used form of zinc in many zinc supplements.

●      Zinc picolinate. Research has shown that the body may better absorb zinc picolinate when compared to other forms of zinc. Zinc picolinate is often used to control acne as well as for boosting the immune system and aiding the body in the removal of toxins.

●      Zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfate is widely used to prevent zinc deficiency. It has also shown to be effective in reducing the severity of acne.

●      Zinc citrate. Studies have shown that zinc citrate is well-absorbed. The biggest benefit of this form of zinc is that it has a more appealing taste because it’s a lot less bitter than other forms of the mineral.

So which form of zinc is best for you? There are many factors to consider. If you’re simply looking for a cost-effective zinc supplement, zinc gluconate is a great option. But if you want a zinc supplement that is readily absorbed by the body, consider zinc picolinate. Just be aware that this form of zinc comes at a higher price tag.

You’ll also want to consider how you want to take zinc. Zinc supplements are available in tablets, capsules, lozenges, and even sprays. How you take your daily dose of zinc all comes down to personal preference.

If you’re interested in using a zinc nasal spray, be aware that these supplements may cause a loss of smell.

Zinc’s Roles in the Body

As discussed earlier in this guide, zinc is a trace mineral, which means it isn’t created by the body. This means that we obtain zinc from the food we eat as well as through supplementation as needed.

Zinc is used by the body in countless ways. In fact, it’s the second most abundant trace mineral in the body. Zinc is found in every cell, which shows just how important it is in maintaining a healthy body that’s working efficiently and effectively.

So what exact roles does zinc play? Here are a few that highlight the criticality of this mineral:

●      Needed by more than 300 enzymes that play a role in nerve function, metabolism, digestion, and other processes

●      Necessary for the development and function of immune cells

●      Fundamental to skin health, including wound healing

●      Plays a role in protein production and DNA synthesis

●      Necessary for properly functioning senses of taste and smell

Healthy body growth and development also relies on proper zinc levels. This is because zinc plays a major role in cell growth and division.

These roles only scratch the surface of the many ways that zinc is involved in day-to-day internal body functions and processes. With a high quality zinc supplement, like one from Elm and Rye, you can have peace of mind that your body has the support it needs.

Top 5 Best Zinc Products on the Market

1. Elm and Rye

Product Highlights

●      Uses potent form of zinc

●      Tested for safety, quality, and efficacy

●      Reputable brand

For the best zinc supplement on the market, look no further than Elm and Rye. This is a brand that is well-known for offering safe, high quality supplements that are designed to support your well-being. Whether you’re interested in taking zinc to boost your immune system or to improve your skin health, Elm and Rye has just the supplement for you.

What’s nice about this brand is not only the quality, potent ingredients, but the convenient delivery method. Capsules are the most common way to take supplements. All you need is a glass of water or your favorite drink and you’re good to go!

Capsules are also portable and can be taken anywhere, even on the go. With Elm and Rye’s zinc supplements, you’re sure to feel better than ever before.

Price $49.99

2. Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges

Product Highlights

●      Non-GMO

●      Vegetarian

●      Great alternative for those who don’t like swallowing pills

If you aren’t a huge fan of taking pills or capsules, zinc lozenges from Life Extension are a great alternative. These lozenges are available in peppermint and orange-citrus flavors, which will awaken your taste buds and give your body the boost it needs.

Each lozenge offers 18.7mg of zinc acetate. This form of zinc is released as ionic zinc, which means that positively charged zinc ions are delivered to the immune system.

It’s important to note that Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges aren’t a daily supplement. Instead, they should be taken when you need to give your immune system a boost, such as during cold or flu season, or when you feel those first inklings that you’re getting sick.

These lozenges can be taken several times a day for up to three days.


●      Zinc (as zinc acetate)

●      Dextrose

●      Peppermint flavor

●      Stearic acid

●      Vegetable stearate

●      Silica

●      Xylitol (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Citric acid (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Maltodextrin (orange-citrus flavor)

●      L-leucine (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Stevia extract (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Gum arabic (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Orange flavor (orange-citrus flavor)

●      Rosemary extract

Usage & dosing

Dissolve one lozenge completely every two wakeful hours. Don’t swallow or chew the lozenge.

Do not exceed 8 lozenges per day, or more than 150mg of zinc.

Each lozenge offers 18.7mg of zinc acetate


●      30 Peppermint lozenges for $9.00 ($0.30 per lozenge)

●      60 Citrus-Orange lozenges $6.75 ($0.11 per lozenge)

3. NutraChamps Liquid Ionic Zinc

Product Highlights

●      Easy to take liquid form

●      Offers vitamin C as well

●      Absorbs more quickly and effectively in the body

●      Sugar-free

Another zinc supplement option for those who don’t like taking pills is NutraChamps Liquid Ionic Zinc. This zinc supplement is made with vitamin C, which makes the supplement even more effective. Liquid zinc is more effectively and quickly absorbed by the body and is a convenient way to give your body the minerals it needs.

NutraChamps Liquid Ionic Zinc is sugar-free and taking the supplement is as simple as adding a few drops to water or juice. Liquid zinc is a great option for adults and children alike. This product is non-GMO, vegan, and organic.

This supplement can be taken on a routine basis to boost your body’s immune system. These drops will keep your immune system strong by delivering effective protection that keeps your body on guard and ready to protect itself.


●      Zinc (as zinc sulfate)

●      Vitamin C

●      Organic glycerin

●      Purified water

Usage & dosing

Shake well before use. Take four (4) full pulls from the dropper. Liquid can be placed in the mouth and swallowed or added to water or juice. To maximize effects, eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables along with regular exercise to holistically improve the immune system.

Each dose (4 mL) offers 15mg of zinc and 45mg of vitamin C.


●      1 bottle $19.95 (30 servings)

●      3 bottles $17.96 per bottle

●      6 bottles $15.96 per bottle

4. Thorne Research Zinc

Product Highlights

●      Offers zinc picolinate

●      Respectable company

●      Gluten free and non-GMO

●      Meets NSF and TGA standards

●      Tested for safety, quality, and efficacy

There are many well-known vitamin and supplement companies, with Thorne Research being a notable brand. Thorne Research provides safe and products, with the company’s zinc supplement being no exception. All products undergo third-party testing to ensure efficacy, safety, and quality.

What’s unique about Thorne Research Zinc is that this supplement is made with zinc picolinate. This is one of the most highly absorbable forms of zinc, which allows the mineral to more quickly travel to the bloodstream and into the tissues.

When taken regularly, Thorne Research Zinc can be used to support immune function, healthy connective tissue, eye health, and overall general wellness.


●      Zinc (Picolinate)

●      Hypromellose Capsule

●      Leucine

●      Microcrystalline Cellulose

●      Silicon Dioxide

Usage & dosing

Take one capsule once or twice daily with water.

Each capsule contains 15mg of zinc.


●      $11 for 60 capsules ($0.18 per capsule)

5. Vitafusion Power Zinc Gummies

Product Highlights

●      Fruity chewable gummy

●      Contains vitamin C

●      Gluten and dairy-free

●      Contains no synthetic dyes

●      No high-fructose corn syrup

Vitafusion is one of today’s top vitamin brands. Power Zinc Gummies is one of the company’s newest products to be introduced to the market. Who says vitamins shouldn’t taste good? Power Zinc Gummies offer a delicious all-natural strawberry tangerine flavor that you’re sure to enjoy each day.

Each gummy offers 15mg of high potency zinc as well as 270mg of vitamin C. They provide just the ingredients your immune system needs to stay strong, even during cold and flu season.

You can take Vitafusion Power Zinc Gummies with total peace of mind, knowing that this supplement is made with high quality ingredients. There are no synthetic dyes of high-fructose corn syrup. These gummies are also gluten-free and dairy-free.


●      Zinc (as zinc gluconate)

●      Vitamin C

●      Glucose syrup

●      Sugar

●      Water

●      Gelatin

●      Citric acid

●      Color (annatto extract)

●      Fumaric acid

●      Malic acid

●      Natural flavor

Usage & dosing

Take three gummies once a day. Fully chew and swallow gummies. Store in a cool place to prevent melting.

Each gummy offers 15mg of high potency zinc and 270mg of vitamin C.


●      $10.99 for 90 gummies ($0.12 per gummy)

What to Look for in a Zinc Supplement

There are hundreds of zinc supplements available on the market today. So what factors are most important to consider when choosing one to add to your daily regimen? Here are some of the details that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Form of Zinc

As discussed earlier in this guide, there are many different forms of zinc that are available. While all forms of zinc typically offer the same benefits, some are better than others, depending on your needs. Zinc glycinate, zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, and zinc acetate are most easily absorbed, especially when compared to zinc sulfate.

However, zinc sulfate is the least expensive option when compared to other forms of zinc. You may also find that one form works better to treat a specific condition, such as acne or side effects of the common cold.

The form of zinc you choose should be decided based on your budget and the condition you’re looking to treat.


Taking too much or too little zinc won’t offer the benefits that you want. And as you’ve likely heard before, too much of a good thing can be bad!

Before buying any zinc supplement, make sure that you know how many mg you need to take each day. Check with your healthcare provider to determine a safe daily dosage of zinc that will provide your body with the appropriate amount.

Supplement Type

As with most supplements, zinc can be taken in many different ways. You’ll most commonly find zinc available in capsule, tablet, liquid, and gummy form. If you’re looking for an alternative option for taking pills, liquid and gummy zinc supplements are definitely ideal. These supplement types are also convenient for children.

The type of zinc supplement you choose is again highly dependent on your personal wants and needs. Liquid and gummy zinc supplements often contain lower doses of zinc and have added ingredients like flavoring and sweeteners.

If you don’t mind taking your zinc supplement the typical way, stick with capsule or tablet form.


There are many reasons to take a zinc supplement. Maybe you simply want to supplement to ensure you have appropriate zinc levels. Or maybe you want to take zinc occasionally to boost your immune system and keep you protected, especially during cold and flu season.

Know why you want to take a zinc supplement and be sure to follow the dosing instructions so that you get the full benefits.

How Much Zinc Do I Need?

On average, the recommended daily dosage of zinc for adults is 15-30mg of elemental zinc. The key phrase here is elemental zinc. This amount varies depending on the type of zinc that’s used in a supplement.

However, this dosage isn’t set in stone. Some people require a higher dose, especially when using a zinc supplement to treat certain conditions such as acne and respiratory infections.

But, because taking too much zinc can have adverse side effects, it’s best to take no more than 40mg of zinc a day.

Potential Side Effects of Zinc Supplements

Taking too much of any vitamin or mineral can have negative side effects, and the same stands true for zinc. For example, taking more than 40mg of zinc a day can cause flu-like symptoms, including coughing, headache, fatigue, an even fever.

Other common side effects of taking too much zinc include:

●      Nausea and vomiting

●      Stomach pain

●      Diarrhea

Taking too much zinc on a routine basis can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb copper. This could lead to a deficiency which can cause other health issues. High levels of zinc may also interfere with the absorption of antibiotics, which can make these medications a lot less effective.

If you experience any adverse or unexpected side effects when taking zinc, decrease the dosage immediately. You may also want to discuss any issues with a healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Are Zinc Supplements Worthwhile?

A high quality zinc supplement, such as the one offered by Elm and Rye, is most definitely worth adding to your daily routine. Zinc is an essential nutrient that is needed for various bodily functions, including immune health, skin health, and other benefits.

So whether you have acne and want to reduce the symptoms to achieve clearer skin or if you want to have peace of mind that your immune system is working as it should, taking a zinc supplement can help you achieve just that.

If you believe that your diet may be deficient in zinc, taking a zinc supplement can reduce the risk of a long-term zinc deficiency. But, it’s worth noting that not all zinc supplements are equal. There are many factors to consider to ensure that you’re buying a product that’s worthwhile.

Before adding a zinc supplement to your daily regimen, be sure to first discuss with your healthcare provider. This way you can determine the optimal dose that will meet your needs while also mitigating any potential risks, such as adverse interactions with other medications.

Final Thoughts on Zinc Supplement

A high quality zinc supplement is something that can benefit you year-round. While most people load up on zinc during cold and flu season, this trace mineral is one that can boost and support your immune system and overall health no matter the month or time of year.

Studies have also shown that zinc can help with skin health, heart health, and even the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. With the right supplement, zinc can help you feel your best inside and out.

What’s most important is that you choose a high quality zinc supplement. Taking a supplement that contains low quality zinc or low levels of zinc isn’t going to offer the benefits that you want. We suggest using a trusted brand, such as Elm and Rye, that is known for providing high quality supplements that are potent, safe, and effective.

So if you’re on the fence about taking a zinc supplement, discuss with your doctor. Once you receive medical clearance, be sure to buy a trusted supplement that will provide the benefits you want and need!