February 22, 2024


The Internet Generation

Are Your Kids Getting What They Need?

Let me try to explain what this really means. It has nothing to do with food, shelter and those things they need to survive. It has little to do with age or geographic location. The current economic situation has taken its toll on everyone, everywhere in the world. Housing foreclosures, lost jobs and careers, cost of everything on the rise, has put many people under extreme stress, Causing, people to have, extreme reactions around the world. This has had the greatest effect on the children, who for the most part have no control over any of these circumstances?

Now before I go any further, I don’t have any children, myself. However, I have spent my entire life providing education in one form or another, I know a little something about kids. Although the afore-mentioned things are important, they are not the most important. Quality time, attention, love, respect is so much more important. If you think they are not paying attention to what you do, your wrong. Think back to when you was a child? How much does your reactions, attitudes and daily operating methods, mimic your parents. Did you get them, when you weren’t supposedly paying attention? I lost my father several years ago. Still when, I am able to carry out a task; that he showed me how to do. I look up and say see dad “I really was paying attention, when you though I wasn’t.” I’ll bet you are wondering how this popped into my mind? Especially since my current opportunity involves coaching and training on the internet. It is very relevant.

There is a philosophy, which is taking over the internet. It is titled “start with “WHY”. The very basic premise is that most of us know: What we Do? How We Do It? but only a few of us know Why We Do It? Discovering your “WHY” leads you to the real reason for being on this earth. So you might say how this relates to the kids. It is relevant because many of my colleagues in the home based business arena talk about this being the WHY. They talk about their children as being. It’s the most important reason, for starting their business at home. As an educator, there is an “ITT TECH” commercial that I really resonate with. It shows a single dad with his children around the table, He says: “I realized that me doing my homework at the same time the children were doing theirs, sets a really good example”. It’s every educators dream. Stop being a victim; take back your time, your freedom and your future. Make yourself and your children proud. They will follow your lead. Do your homework when they do. Will it be easy? When was the last time anything worthwhile was easy. You can do this.

See you at the top, your new friend.