July 17, 2024


The Internet Generation

Digital Signage Software Used In An Ever-Increasing Variety Of Industries

Digital Signage Software Used In An Ever-Increasing Variety Of Industries

Digital Signage software is an increasingly affordable option for both big and small businesses as economies of scale and cheaper hardware continue to lower prices in this burgeoning new industry. These factors have combined to see an increasing take up of the technology by a range of businesses, in ever increasing numbers; with over 3500 grocery stores in the USA now using the technology as well as 4100 screens spread across ‘big box’ retailers – the product is clearly being taken up rapidly.

As this price trend continues, an ever-increasing range of businesses and institutions are taking up the technology and the opportunities that it affords:

  • Education providers are using the technology to transmit information to students in a dynamic way
  • Retailers are using the technology to build brand awareness and direct customers to relevant sales
  • Shopping malls are using digital signage in public spaces as an advertising medium and as a provider of useful information to their patrons
  • The hospitality industry has taken up the technology as a cost effective way to communicate emergency instructions, hotel events and specials and useful information for tourists in the areas
  • Supply and logistics firms are using the technology for corporate communications

Ultimately the uses of digital signage software are constrained only by the imaginations of the companies and industries that use it. With increasing awareness of the possibilities and cost-effective nature of digital signage, it seems an ever increasing range of industries and businesses will take up the software and turn it into a platform to better address their customers.