April 17, 2024


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Helium 10 Xray has many features which you should be aware of

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The sales, BSR, and revenue of a product are used by the Xray tool to determine all the pertinent metrics. Amazon never makes available the details of its algorithms. Because of some privacy policies, the data can never be completely accurate. The Xray tool, on the other hand, showed 95% accurate data, which was quite near. The Xray tool comes with the following added features and you can also know about helium10 trial.

  • Grabber for ASIN

You can choose and copy many ASINs at once with ASIN Grabber. It is employed to conduct further research on rivals. Additionally, it is utilized to locate target markets for third-party or Amazon PPC marketing.

  • Evaluation Downloader

Review Downloader displays insightful client testimonials that you may compare to those of your rivals. Additionally, you may export reviews in a phrase that will enable you to discover future hot goods.

  • Financial Calculator

This function allows you to calculate your net profit or loss based on your cost component. You are able to make important choices while deciding on the final pricing of your offering. This calculator can also be used to determine the initial cost of the items, the cost of storage, the cost of shipment, taxes, etc.

  • Levels of Inventory

This function displays the changes in stock inventories over time. Since most vendors limit the number of items in their inventory, this function isn’t frequently used by sellers.

How Accurate is X-Ray with Helium 10?

Below is the analysis which we noted after conducting a test on a certain Baby-product category item. Here is the analysis’s outcome.

  • 657 actual units were sold. X-ray displays 627
  • 95.4% FBA Sales Accuracy Fee Reliability: 98.6%

The results and accuracy are far superior when compared to other well-known product research tools like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and AMZ Scout. Thus, it merits a shot.

Control operations with Helium 10

The company management solutions from Helium 10 are specifically made to streamline your everyday tasks and make the most of your time. To help you run your Amazon business as effectively as possible, it provides real-time data, seamless automation, and reminders.

  • The Refund Genie: Receive refunds from Amazon consumers more quickly with pre-written requests for seller reimbursement. Refund Genie automates these procedures from reporting a refund all the way through to opening an Amazon case. Normally, the refunding process is convoluted and tiresome.
  • Inventory Protector: By restricting the quantity of products clients can order per order, this protects your inventory. In this manner, you are in complete control of the inventory.
  • Alerts: These so-called “alerts” notify you of any ominous activity on your account.
  • Follow-Up emails: These promote natural reviews, which will eventually improve your rankings. Additionally, you’ll be in a better position to improve the calibre of your customer experience and maintain customers’ interest over a longer period of time by using the information gathered from your follow-up emails.
  • The mobile app for Helium 10: You can conveniently monitor your Amazon business and get alerts from your mobile device, no matter where you are. If there is any questionable activity on your account, you will be immediately notified, and you may quickly view earnings. Alerts: These so-called “alerts” notify you of any ominous activity on your account.