June 14, 2024


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Hobot 298 robot review: Automated window cleaning for the office Review

The Hobot 298 is an impressive-seeking window cleansing robot made for tiny to medium places of work that may well not have the spending budget for standard window cleansing services. It is a compact cleansing gadget unit beneath nine inches square and four inches high (240 x 240 x 100mm).

It sticks to your window by suction and will thoroughly clean your home windows utilizing an extremely-fantastic mist — devoid of any intervention from you.

Within the box is the robot, 3 cleansing cloths, a bottle of window detergent, a remote manage, and the ability adapter. The robot has a protection twine that you attach to a issue on your window frame.

This is so that if the robot falls off the window, it does not fall onto the ground. The ability adaptor has a 4m extended twine so you can thoroughly clean the furthest reaches of the window pane. There is also a spare electrostatic water nozzle.

The robot has a removable water tank for water for the supplied window detergent. Plug the ability adapter in with the extension, keep the robot versus the window, and use the onboard switch to start the vacuum suction.

The remote manage lets you manually manage the direction of the robot, or select the method of direction. There is also a ability switch on the robot itself if you do not like utilizing the remote manage.

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You do require to thoroughly cost the battery on the robot before utilizing it. The battery is a UPS so that if the ability fails, the robot will not straight away fall off the window, but will remain attached to the pane for up to twenty minutes. If the ability is interrupted, the robot will prevent and beep, and red and blue lights will flash.

The Hobot 298 is simple to set up and use. Fix the protection twine carabineer to a risk-free position to ensure the robot will not be weakened if it falls.

Fill the water tank up with water, fix the cleansing fabric onto the cleaner, position the Hobot onto the window, and switch on the ability. Hobot recommends that you dry thoroughly clean the home windows 1st utilizing the fabric, before utilizing water, to avoid any smears as the water mixes with the dirt.

The soaked thoroughly clean uses the ultrasonic spray to intermittently spray a very small volume of fluid onto the glass ahead of the robot. Hobot suggests that the robot will thoroughly clean up to one square meter utilizing one milliliter of water.

The 298 follows a structured zig-zag path throughout the window spraying ahead of it as it goes. It requires about two minutes, 24 seconds to thoroughly clean a square meter of glass.

If your home windows are genuinely dusty or dirty, then I would advise carrying out the dry cleansing quite a few moments before utilizing the soaked thoroughly clean to make absolutely sure that there are no streaks or smears.

In use, the robot prefers larger sized window panes. It struggles if it does not have substantially house to maneuver. Having said that, on significant expanses, the robot is fantastic, albeit sluggish. On incredibly dirty home windows with targeted traffic grime, it does go away smears — even following dry wiping 1st.

Does it help you save any time? I am not absolutely sure. I was mesmerized observing how it mapped out its path throughout the home windows and how it managed to thoroughly clean dirty marks off the home windows.

I am absolutely sure that in time, it would just turn into a different office process that desired to be finished. But, at the instant, I love how effectively it cleans the window pane and never ever falls off. Genius.

All in all, this is a great option for the tiny office/residence office and for a person who finds the charges of standard window cleansing prohibitive. At beneath $500, it will shell out for itself in no time.

If you have significant expanses of glass in your household or office and detest cleansing your home windows, the Hobot 298 could be the option for your window washing woes.