June 14, 2024


The Internet Generation

How AI and Data Science Help Find Love

What is appreciate? Could it be that in the upcoming ‘only AI will tell’?

It is, of training course, a rhetoric question. Though, no just one can deny that algorithms are now strongly influencing even our being familiar with about the basic thoughts.

MIT’s Laptop Science and Synthetic Intelligence Laboratory has just launched an interview with the AI/info scientist from Love is Blind, a preferred show on Netflix. In this interview, Cameron Hamilton points out his standpoint about what are the accurate possibilities of relationship apps and upcoming advancement traits.

Cameron particularly notes the possible of ‘matchmaking’ algorithms to move past the components that are relevant to our being familiar with about physical attractiveness, and as a substitute focusing on intellectual components which can be discerned from our discussions, using machine learning.

A lot more about this in the online video underneath:

Resource: MIT CSAIL on YouTube