June 21, 2024


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How to Host Multiple Websites on Shared Hosting?

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The growth of your business may encourage you to set up more websites. You have the option of hosting them on different servers or a single server. Getting different hosting plans for all the websites can prove to be costly and complex so why not look for a hosting plan that allows you to manage multiple sites from one place besides providing better control.  This is possible when you choose the right hosting services in India that allow you to host multiple domains on a single server. 

Hosting Multiple Websites

Not all shared hosting plans allow hosting of multiple websites so check this before buying a plan. Check out the shared hosting price since some hosting providers allow for additional websites on payment of extra charges. 

The next step is to buy more than one domain name and add them to your server or cPanel for better control. This should be followed by updating the nameservers and installing WordPress on the server. Some essentials of storing multiple websites 

  1. Having one cPanel for All Sites– You can easily host multiple websites on shared hosting if your hosting company provides you with a cPanel (administration interface) to manage the working of the website.
  2. Have unlimited storage in your shared hosting plan– Unlimited storage availability ensures that you can host multiple sites at the same time. But when you choose a shared hosting plan there is a limit to the number of inodes available to you. An inode is a data structure that stores data for every file and directory on your website. And when you are using shared hosting, there is a possibility that the site having a large number of media files or dealing with huge volumes of email may use up your inodes thereby leaving your other sites without enough space. So, choose a hosting plan that includes hosting of unlimited websites and offers unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage. 

To ensure that all your sites have access to the necessary resources, you need to correctly estimate the resource requirements of each website. This should be followed by checking with your shared hosting plans provider that you will have enough bandwidth, storage space, and server capacity to support the hosting and maintenance of all your websites. The failure to correctly assess the resource requirements will, however, lead to poor functioning and frequent downtimes of your websites. You may need to buy additional resources or switch to different servers for different websites in such a scenario.

Essentials of Multiple Domain Hosting

Before choosing a shared hosting or any other hosting plan for your multiple websites you need to check out whether these features are included:

  1. The ability to add multiple IP addresses.
  2. Allowing several email accounts to go with the different domains.
  3. A cPanel or another option to manage your websites.
  4. Adding a subdomain to an existing domain name
  5. SSL Certificate protection

To conclude, you can host multiple websites via shared hosting but only if your hosting services in India allow so. You will need to correctly assess the bandwidth and storage requirement of each site, and buy the requisite number of domains to choose the right hosting plan.