February 22, 2024


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How to Remove Digital Protection Virus – Easy Removal

What is Digital Protection?

From the family of Your Protection, Dr. Guard malwares, Digital Protection Virus has also been classified as a rouge antispyware program heavily seen online. It can cause a whole lot of trouble once it gets in your computer system.

The Digital Protection Virus is designed to go undetected by your trusted antivirus programs installed in your computer. You won’t even know it’s in your computer until you start seeing unusual signs while logged in to your computer.

Digital Protection Virus is installed through the use of Trojans. It is pretty sneaky. Later on it will start sending false warnings and security alerts that your system has been infected by viruses and that there is a need to install the full version of the program, which by the way is fake.

The rogue program gets activated as soon as you log in to your computer. It would initially dump its components. Later on, it would conduct a scan and tell you that you have a virus. It would even advise you to remove your trusted antispyware and prompt you to download the full version of badware instead.

It is basically trying to trick you into spending money in purchasing the full version. But don’t fall for it. It’s a scam and the warnings are not real. Downloading the full program won’t work as well. It won’t have the ability to identify and remove the viruses it reported during the scanning result.

If this badware is not removed from your system, there is a tendency that you can end having a TDSS Trojan. It is classified as dangerous for its ability to block any legit antispyware programs in your program. The longer this rouge program stays in your computer, the more problem it’s going to cause. So you have to immediately deal with it by removing it from your system.

How To Remove Digital Protection

The best way to get rid of digital protection is through the automated approach. All you need is a trustworthy anti-spyware or anti-malware to get the job done. It is guaranteed to get the job done and eliminate the problem. It’s quick and saves you a lot of time. You’ll be back surfing in no time.

Another way is removing the problem through the manual approach. Be warned, that you need to be highly equipped in doing this procedure. Technical expertise is a must, since you’ll be dealing with technical terms and different files and directories. Not being familiar could earn you more trouble. If you want to remove digital protection manually, please follow these steps:

A) Please run registry editor, locate and remove the infected keys from this location.


B) Search for these infected files and delete them from your computer.


It would be very easy for you to get a Spyware Remover, do the scan and let that software do the job automatically for you. You may really not want to do lots of manual work later to find out that virus has returned back because you left its traces on your computer.