June 21, 2024


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Macquarie University brings Accenture onboard for HR transformation – Training & Development – Projects – Cloud

Macquarie College is undergoing a human means technique transformation with the support of Accenture, shifting to a new Workday system and providing extra self-provider capabilities.

Folks and services VP Nicole Gower instructed Workday’s Elevate summit last thirty day period the university’s “HR system” till now was created up of “patchwork” of lesser methods, while a great deal of the complexity was shielded from people.

“When folks communicate about ‘the HR system’, they don’t realise that they are in fact talking about many methods,” Gower mentioned.

“We don’t in fact have a single HR technique. We have a payroll technique, we have a expertise and recruitment administration technique, we had many timekeeping methods, we’ve had learning administration methods – and that patchwork approach made some true problems for us.

“There ended up tons of guide workarounds, rather a good deal of duplication, a good deal of double entry, and that was creating some true problems for the HR crew, but also for the university. 

“We failed to see the amount of integration or cohesion that we would have liked.”

Along with far better integration, Gower mentioned the current atmosphere had ability gaps, especially in places this sort of as expertise administration and workforce setting up, that the university hoped to now address.

“We’ve often preferred to be ready to do [these] seriously effectively but have not often had the real resources or assistance mechanisms to be ready to,” she mentioned.

Gower mentioned that in spite of the backend problems, the university’s HR provider shipping and delivery design – that is, what people observed – “is in fact rather mature and is very effectively respected throughout the university.” 

“We’ve received terrific HR information, we’ve received terrific HR strategic services, and we’ve received large amounts of trustworthiness throughout the university, so we’re starting up from a seriously great system,” she mentioned.

“Although we have seriously great provider shipping and delivery, what folks don’t see is all the perform that goes on powering the scenes.

“There’s a good deal of guide perform and a good deal of workarounds to make points in fact perform effectively and to provide a great provider to our employees.

“What we’re attempting to do is make that a good deal smoother, use technological know-how to be ready to automate some of that, and present extra of that in a self-provider structure.”

The need to renovate led Macquarie College to consolidate HR onto Workday, with Accenture introduced in to assist.

Main information officer Tim Hume observed total transformation of the IT system as important.

“Transformation is just not just incremental modify. It really is not about undertaking a model improve,” he mentioned.

“We could have accomplished that. We could have accomplished a amount of changes to current platforms. 

“Transformation signifies earning a modify which will almost certainly apply a bit of pressure to the company, but [that will] shift us to a place that may well have taken years if not, and going with Workday will support us get there.”

Gower mentioned that implementing Workday came with a commitment to constantly boost the technological know-how underpinning HR.

Getting all of HR operate out of a single technique will also guide to a consolidation of the university’s ‘people data’, which can then be used in extra “data-knowledgeable decision-making”.

“The heart of our company is folks. If we realize that, if we get the data we will need, we can thrive towards our level of competition,” Hume mentioned.

“That’s what Macquarie is acknowledged for. We are modest enough to be agile and this is created to make us agile.”