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Nintendo Switch Lite review – CNET


The Swap Lite, in all 3 shades. It is really handheld-only, but it feels excellent.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The doorway to Animal Crossing is as a result of the Nintendo Swap. The 3-yr-old video game console is difficult to come across in shops correct now — except you want to shell out a big premium in excess of its $299 checklist cost — major lots of to take into consideration the decrease-charge, handheld-only Swap Lite. Which is what I’m participating in correct now. And my spouse, way too. And pals. The $199 Swap Lite appears to be to be just about everywhere.


  • Lessen cost than the authentic Swap.
  • More durable building.
  • Plays tons of excellent Swap games.
  • D-pad will help with retro games.

Do not Like

  • No Television docking.
  • Controllers don’t detach.
  • No rumble/vibration.
  • Nintendo’s relatives account structure would make video game sharing tricky.

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Nintendo has normally manufactured excellent gaming handhelds. But the company’s fusion of console and handheld collectively in the Swap changed the equation, and the Nintendo 3DS has little by little disappeared from the photo. The Swap platform is your one particular preference, even if the Lite edition is the only one particular that’s simple to buy correct now. 

If you just want a excellent handheld program that can engage in tons of games, effectively, seriously, you are fine with the Swap Lite. It is really excellent. And it really is at minimum a port in a storm in the course of an extremely rough 2020.

That would not mean I’m delighted with every thing.

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When the Swap Lite arrived final yr, I thought it was a excellent, a lot more economical ($two hundred, £199, AU$294), compact, even superior-constructed edition of the Swap hardware. But you have to give up all the Swap-distinctive sections, like connecting to a Television, or detaching and replacing the wi-fi controllers.

It turns out that those people versatile Swap extras mean a lot more to me than at any time correct now. Television docking suggests multiplayer games with the youngsters can happen. Removable controllers mean two-player multiplayer on the Swap, or letting fitness games like Ring In shape Experience to get the job done. Get rid of those people parts from the puzzle and the Swap Lite is basically just a excellent gaming handheld.

That’s Alright, nevertheless. It prices less, and that’s presently a additionally correct now. And it operates effectively, is compact and fine and enjoyable. I’ve ended up participating in on it most of the time. It is really comfortable and handy. 

What nevertheless bugs me is how tricky it is to share acquired games with households. Electronic games are locked down to a single Nintendo account, and next Switches can only engage in those people games even though on Wi-Fi. Receiving bodily video game cartridges skips those people issues, mainly because you can just eject and swap. Online games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons (if you are participating in with multiple people today) are even a lot more bothersome mainly because they make just one particular video game island per Swap program, which suggests you can expect to have to have one more copy of Animal Crossing to engage in throughout two Switches. Assuming, of program, that you have two Switches. Since, with Swap Lite, it really is seriously a solo encounter.


At the time upon a time, I made use of a Swap Lite on a teach.

Scott Stein/CNET

And the battery lifetime on a Swap Lite is… Alright. Not excellent. After a couple of several hours, I’m presently at 50% or decrease. The larger sized Swap (in its current V2 edition) has substantially superior battery lifetime. I like not sitting down in the vicinity of a charger. It is really fine. It can be a reminder to transfer on to other items, like cooking, or using a wander. 

My favored games correct now (at minimum those people that usually are not VR) are on Swap. Nintendo retains turning out an spectacular operate of games, and most of them ideal for youngsters. That’s my favored component of what the Swap does, and that Xbox and PlayStation platforms are so comparatively lousy at. This is a program I can let the youngsters dive into.

You could get turns participating in a Swap Lite, but that also suggests it really is not the identical issue as a Television-related Swap. You could also pair several controllers in excess of Bluetooth and huddle collectively in entrance of it. But once again, not the identical. That would not reduce how fantastic the Switch’s video game library is, and how lots of enjoyable on the web games there are.

But it does mean that I assume it really is a disgrace that the a lot more versatile, truly relatives-helpful larger sized Swap is nevertheless so tricky to come across. But if you are on your personal, or don’t care about Television-related gaming, or just want to save dollars (or, possibly, want to buy a next Swap for the youngsters so you can have yours to you), the Lite is nevertheless a quite excellent next alternative.

Below are extra views to take into consideration (from my authentic evaluation-in-progress of the Swap Lite back in August 2019, which nevertheless hold true).

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What nevertheless strikes me as excellent about the Swap Lite

The decrease cost. $100 less issues when you are thinking of paying out $two hundred as a substitute of $three hundred. (It is really £199 vs . £279 in the British isles, or AU$294 vs . AU$449 in Australia.) It is really the minimum costly Nintendo Swap ($446 at Amazon) program readily available. That’s a essential cost variation, though in some cases the authentic Swap ends up becoming readily available in specially priced hardware bundles ($340 at Walmart) that could be tempting.

The scaled-down dimensions feels excellent — I (commonly) want it. Even with a scaled-down 5.5-inch display, I have not observed a video game that would not glimpse fantastic on it. I’ve played Tremendous Mario Maker two, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey ($55 at Amazon) and of program Animal Crossing: New Horizons on it, and they are all fantastic. The a lot more compact dimensions is also excellent. The Swap Lite just isn’t as little as a Nintendo 3DS ($132 at Amazon), but it feels a large amount a lot more transportable — it really is about one particular Pleasure-Con width shorter, and not as huge. The screen ends up wanting superior, way too, considering that the similar 720p resolution on a scaled-down display suggests larger pixel density. At times, some scaled-down text would make me squint.


Keeping equally aspect by aspect.

Sarah Tew/CNET

In fact, this feels sturdier and superior than the authentic Swap. Playing games, mashing buttons, holding it even though standing… the Swap Lite feels like the excellent hardware. I’d rather engage in games on this in handheld mode than the bulkier-wanting, somewhat creakier Swap. After a lot more than six months, it really is held up effectively.

The D-pad on the aspect is new, and fantastic. I want getting a authentic cross-shaped D-pad on the left aspect of the Swap Lite than the four round buttons that the Swap has. It would make games like Tremendous Mario Maker and Tetris ninety nine experience so considerably superior.

Hey, I also like the shades. Blue is my favored, but yellow and grey are awesome, way too. It just appears to be a lot more Nintendo-ish than the black authentic Swap. 


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Making an attempt out the Nintendo Swap Lite actually stunned…


What is actually not excellent, nevertheless

You are unable to dock this into a Television. Dropping video-out as a result of USB-C, which the normal Swap has, suggests it really is not a Television console at all. That not only suggests no significant-display couch gaming, but it effectively kills multiplayer with out acquiring one more Swap. My favored Swap games are multiplayer ones (Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and some old-school NES and SNES games). You could get around a Swap Lite’s scaled-down display and pair other controllers, technically, but that sounds terrible, mainly because the Swap Lite lacks a kickstand, and…

Its controllers are unable to be detached. The Swap is brilliant mainly because its Pleasure-Con controllers can pop off and be swapped if they don out, or they can each and every be made use of as mini controllers for two-player games. The Swap Lite ditches that for mounted controls, like other 3DS/2DS video game handhelds. The dilemma is, Nintendo has been getting some Pleasure-Con drift issues for some people today. Will those people issues go on on the Swap Lite? At minimum, on the Swap, problematic controllers can be swapped out. This also suggests…


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Nintendo Swap Lite: one month later on


You are going to overlook out on Nintendo’s weirdest experiences. Nintendo’s folding-cardboard Labo sets are weird operates of brilliance, and the impending Ring In shape Experience is like a fitness video game with a hoop issue you engage in in entrance of your Television. If you want Weird Nintendo, you can expect to want the authentic Swap, with its detaching controllers (one particular of which has an IR digital camera). The Swap Lite can technically have Pleasure-Con controllers paired to it to engage in Ring In shape Experience, but you would have to have to buy a lot more controllers and sit in entrance of the minimal Swap Lite display. Labo’s cardboard sections mainly would not healthy the Swap Lite and requirements those people Pleasure-Drawbacks, way too. Short reply in this situation: Just get the normal Television-dockable Swap.

I overlook the rumble. The Lite would not vibrate. Some games use the rumble influence heavily in games as a notification, or an added sense. I would like I could have it back. Some games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 lean on vibration heavily (or, when likely fishing in Animal Crossing).


The size variation amongst Swap and Swap Lite (also, those people controls are unable to be taken out on the Lite).

Sarah Tew/CNET

Nintendo has a video game-sharing dilemma. If you thought you would conveniently swap games amongst a Swap and Swap Lite, I have lousy information for you. When bodily video game playing cards are no dilemma, Nintendo nevertheless hasn’t solved electronic video game relatives sharing. 

There are means to share electronic games amongst devices if you either transfer your program knowledge fully from one particular Swap to one more (Nintendo’s assist site for transferring account knowledge is in this article). Or, you could make one particular Swap a “primary” program and one particular a “secondary” program, but then one particular Swap would be ready to engage in games any place, even though the other would have to have on the web authentication each time a video game was played. (Examine Nintendo’s assist page for an clarification of what that suggests — fantastic luck.)

It suggests that anybody thinking of a Swap Lite as a next house Swap should really assume about whether or not this awkward setup would get the job done for them, or whether a workaround (i.e. making use of bodily video game playing cards) is acceptable. Also observe that transferring either your whole consumer account or an specific game’s save knowledge will induce that identical knowledge to disappear on the authentic console. You could continue to keep likely back and forth like this, but it would get bothersome rapid.

That final sticking level is what would make me assume the Lite is seriously just an alternative for players who have been only fascinated in handheld. Sure, it really is basically the identical as a Swap in most other means, as considerably as gaming and memory card assist (and USB-C charging). But right up until Nintendo lets its relatives of Swap hardware share video game libraries as conveniently as Apple or Google do with tablets, telephones and Chromebooks (Apple Arcade handles multiple equipment with relieve and I’d love to see Nintendo do the identical), the Swap Lite would not be the ideal preference for as lots of people today as you may assume. Unless you plan on possessing mainly bodily video game playing cards.