April 15, 2024


The Internet Generation

SEAT employs autonomous robots for in-factory logistics

It is not a key that factories are today fully inhabited by robots. Automated production procedures let for greater effectiveness and speed up production really a little bit. But robots are not just big arms connecting diverse items alongside one another. In SEAT factory in Martorell there are some robots on wheels that share roads with pedestrians, lorries, bicycles and cars. 

AGV is capable to carry hundreds of up to 10 tonnes at speeds of 1 meter per 2nd. Impression credit rating: SEAT

Mass production of cars is an extremely included system. Several elements come from suppliers and have to be assembled into cars. It is as much of a logistics operation as it is assembly. And which is where these AGV (automated guided cars) robots come in.

AGV are autonomous cars that push around SEAT factory in Martorell. They do not go into general public roads, but the traffic program within of the territory of the factory is nevertheless really intricate. There are traffic lights, pedestrians, trucks, bicycles and other cars. All of this would make the occupation of autonomous robots really intricate.

AGV robots talk with each and every other by means of 4G to guarantee that they will not get in a way of each and every other. Impression credit rating: SEAT

AGV works by using SLAM navigation recognition (simultaneous localisation and mapping) and 4G relationship to guarantee total command of operations and autonomous journey all through the designated area. These devices are fully electric and demand their batteries by means of induction charging. In fact, AGV get charged although they are stopped to load elements onto them.

Almost certainly the most remarkable portion about AGV engineering is that it doesn’t aspect any cables, rails or other guidance aids to aid these robots to remain on track. They just read their environment – each and every AGV has a digital camera, which can help robots memorizing the route. Future time they go on that specific route all they have to do is repeat it. These robots also talk with each and every other and their environment working with 4G engineering. Of program, they end for traffic lights and if there is some sort of an impediment on their way.

There are symptoms, warning people that there are AGV robots, but they steer clear of obstacles by on their own. Impression credit rating: SEAT

Every single convoy can weigh up to 10 tonnes. They transfer at speeds of around 1 metre per 2nd. They perform with no cables, no guidance and no in depth supervising. Victor Palacios, a logistics engineer at SEAT and the head of the venture, reported: “There are eight of them and they’re not all on the transfer at the very same time. When a person of them leaves the loading area, it notifies the future a person, which is in the waiting area, to consider its put. If two of them cross paths, they also talk with each and every other to lessen their speed”.

Robots are hardly ever likely to replace people, but which is not the position. These AGV robots improve logistics operations in the factory, producing the whole system extra efficient and, probably, safer. This could necessarily mean that people are totally free to do other extra mentally-engaging jobs.


Supply: SEAT