June 20, 2024


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This rare AMD chip is the cheapest 16-core CPU right now

Practically 10 decades in the past, AMD attempted to break Intel’s stranglehold on the server industry with the Opteron 6272, a 16-main processor with 16 threads. Its selling price at launch was $523, but you can now get keep of one for £31.ninety nine (around $40/AU$60) on eBay – and of course, you can match up to 4 of them in a server or workstation.

AMD Opteron 6272 CPU – £31.ninety nine on eBay
(around $40/AU$60)
This exceptional AMD CPU is offered for a very small percentage of its launch selling price – and eBay is littered with them. Predecessor to the EPYC vary, the Opteron was originally intended for use in details centres. Nonetheless, you can find almost nothing halting you sticking 4 of them into a workstation…View Offer

The seller is centered in the United kingdom, but will ship to several international locations globally for an further fee. Must remaining shares operate dry, there are still a good handful of 6272s offered from other sellers.

Primarily based on the Bulldozer architecture, the Opteron 6272 was produced utilizing a 32nm producing approach, has a TDP of 115W and 32MB cache with a foundation frequency of 2.1GHz.

Unsurprisingly, these pieces have been pulled from a doing work setting. Opteron processors are server CPUs, utilized primarily in details centres that assist service suppliers (i.e. internet internet hosting , cloud storage and SaaS corporations).

Fast ahead to 2020 and AMD has its best possibility in a 10 years to make a splash, with the new EPYC vary that has up to sixty four cores per CPU and is designed utilizing 7nm approach.

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In contrast to its predecessor, AMD’s new server processor enjoys a significantly larger IPC (instruction per clock), larger sized cache, multithreading and the means to ramp up the main depend with ease.