June 21, 2024


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Top Email Hosting Terms You Should Know

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Knowing your email hosting inside out is crucial as it is a long-term and important investment you are making for your business. Almost 26% of people prefer checking their emails even before getting out of bed, which represents how important email communication has become in the daily routine of a person’s life.

Therefore, having the best business email hosting through a reputable web host helps you keep your email communication intelligent and secure. But before getting the best email hosting for small businesses, let’s look at some important terms that every business should be aware of.

Must know business hosting terms for your business

  1. Business email address

A business email address is also known as a professional address, which contains your business domain name, for instance, [email protected], for communicating with your customer.

It helps to connect your email and website, giving your business a professional look.

  1. Control Panel 

Control panels are intelligent controllers that web hosting companies provide for handling their accounts and web pages. There are different options, such as driving domain names and inaugurating a content management system. Similarly, some companies have tailor-built control panels designed exclusively for their website.

cPanel is the most popular type of hosting control panel, primarily due to its ease of use. cPanel lets its users manage all elements of email and web hosting efficiently. It offers features such as mail, file, database, and domain management, along with robust security features.

  1. Uptime

When the term uptime is put into use, it means the loading speed of a website, which means the amount of time in which the server is up and operating without any issue or error. The term Downtime works opposite to uptime.

The classic uptime offered by the best business email hosting provider is 99%. The providers ensure your customer enjoys the said uptime at any given time and offer settlement in case the uptime falls below this level.

  1. POP3

POP3 is a system assistant that brings all your mail from the server to your mailbox. But once the delivery is made, it clears the copy of your email from the post office, which turns off tracking any spam letter.

  1. IMAP

IMAP is an evolved system structure that not only brings your email from the server to your system but also preserves its copy on the server. And if there is a spam email, then IMAP’s evolved features notify it and safeguard your system by putting it aside before it can reach your server.

  1. Domain name system

DNS is a system used for naming computers and network services. It makes your internet user-friendly and cracks the alphanumeric domain name into a series of numbers, which make up the IP address of a website. With the use of this system, the browsers link with servers to communicate to the user the website they are visiting. 

Without the DNS, users would have to provide complex, numerical IP addresses for every website they want to visit.

  1. Autoresponder

Autoresponder allows you to set up automatic responses, which can be used for different reasons. For example, for every new customer who’s joined your mailing list or newsletter, the autoresponders send a free resource.


Therefore, it is essential to know the intricacies of the best email hosting as it empowers businesses to make informed decisions when selecting email hosting services. A well-chosen email hosting solution contributes to the professional appearance and efficient operation of your business.