April 17, 2024


The Internet Generation

UV Robot Design Contest with Micron

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the way we function, socialize, and most importantly how we treatment for people who are most vulnerable. Micron would like to carry together the group of developers, makers, tinkerers, and researchers to develop a price-helpful and protected robotic remedy to increase surface area sanitation by way of the use of UV mild to deactivate pathogens.

Graphic credit history: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS Dan Higgins, MAM/Wikipedia/General public Domain

Your problem is to layout a robotic technique that incorporates the operation of a UV mild publicity technique to transfer close to and sanitize areas. With no making contact with surfaces, the UV mild can irradiate exposed surfaces these as doors, desks, chairs, flooring, sinks, and other toilet surfaces.

Bio-organisms these as microbes, spores, and viruses are acknowledged to be deactivated when exposed to UV-C mild irradiation.

Submission to this Challenge should be obtained by 11:59 PMĀ PT, August thirty, 2020.

Supply: Hackster.io