April 20, 2024


The Internet Generation

What is a Data Card- Detailed process to recharge it with ease!

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The world is evolving and so is technology. Some things which we couldn’t even imagine a few decades ago, are now the reality of our lives, especially in the Telecom industry. Many decades earlier, we only had landlines or old-fashioned mobile phones, and then came smartphones and tablets.

Data cables that offered internet evolved into WiFi with high-speed internet! And now, with the introduction of Data Cards, you can carry your high-speed WiFi wherever you go. But what are Data Cards? How do they work? Read on to know all about them.

What Is A Data Card?

Our need and desire to travel around the world has only increased with time. But that doesn’t mean we compromise with our other needs such as technology. And that’s what makes Data Card such a necessity in today’s time. Simply carry an Airtel, Jio or any other Data Card and get the high-speed internet you’re used to, anywhere you go.

In simple terms, a data card is a digital device that acts as a portable WiFi router. When you buy a Data Card from any company, it usually comes with a central unit aka Data Card, a USB data cable, a SIM card, a lithium battery and a User Guide. All the user has to do is put it all together, make sure the device is charged and enjoy a high-speed internet connection. 

Several Telecom companies such as Airtel, Jio, Vi, BSNL, and others offer such Data Cards to their customers. The price starts from anywhere around ₹700 and goes up to ₹4,000 for a good Data Card. You can easily get these Data Cards online, making them more accessible to travellers around the world.

Why Use A Data Card?

You must have heard about a lot of people using Data Cards, especially in the past few years. The need to work from home soon made us realize the need for a good quality data card. Data Cards, as we mentioned earlier, are portable WiFi devices, which means you can work from anywhere without worrying about exhausting your mobile data or broadband plan.

It empowers you with high-speed internet along with a download speed of up to 150 Mbps. Now, wouldn’t that be amazing? Whether you use it for work or simply for streaming movies or shows, your portable WiFi will always be there at your rescue.

How To Recharge Data Card Easily?

The SIM in your Data Card needs to be recharged regularly for uninterrupted data services. And just like any other recharge, even a Data Card recharge can be done both, offline and online. However, if you ask us what the best way would be to recharge your Data Card easily without any hassle, it has to be online.

After all, who doesn’t like to get things done from the comfort of their home, within minutes? We definitely do, and our most preferred partner for our Data Card recharges is the Airtel Payments Bank. There are two ways to recharge via Airtel Payments Bank:

Data Card recharge via the website:

  • Go to https://www.airtel.in/bank/datacard-recharge and log in to your account
  • Select Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Enter your Data Card number
  • Choose your operator 
  • Enter the recharge amount
  • Click on Proceed and follow the steps to complete the payment

You can also do the same with one of the best recharge app in India, Airtel Thanks. Here’s how:

Data Card recharge via the App:

  • Download and log in to the Airtel Thanks app
  • Click on ‘Recharge’
  • Select ‘Data Recharge’
  • Enter your registered name or number
  • Choose the operator
  • Browse for plans, or add the recharge amount
  • Now proceed to click on ‘Pay Now’ and complete your transaction

It’s as simple as that. And within minutes, you’ll have a fully recharged Data Card in your hands.