May 23, 2024


The Internet Generation

Why Are Many People Embracing SEO?

SEO can be best described as an aggregate of all the activities involved in making the website more popular and producing a high volume of referral hits from search engines. It also involves many other tasks which include link building, competitor analysis, keyword research, content development and marketing and many more.

Well! A lot of people these days, no longer consider SEO as work or a task, but take it up as an art. It is indeed an art that personifies passion for attracting audiences to a website. It is the passion that plays a major role here. People are embracing SEO not just for perks rather because it offers endless opportunities to excel and gain a competitive advantage over the others.

A few reasons to state why many people are opting for SEO:

SEO is quite appealing to people, because it offers them a platform to actually do what they want. People have become more inquisitive and experimental these days; for e.g. they post something and promote it rigorously to make the post visible across various platforms. This task of promotion is often taken up as a hobby where people invest their time and energy in a website’s promotional activity.

SEO currently is perceived as a competitive game with specific goals. Tracking the traffic generated to the website or lead conversation is an integral part of SEO activity which has an essence of competition. If one is competing with a business rival, if they could move one level above their rivals on the SERP, it is considered as successful. The competitive nature to sustain a reigning position will grow strong. These things are above monetary gains, they are more self satisfying.

SEO has a lot of learning involved in it. There is a lot of scope for gaining knowledge and upgrading essential skills. Since this field (in fact a field which is here to stay) offers such scope for career improvement, people are eagerly taking up SEO, with futuristic goals in mind.

More people are opting to work as freelancers from the comforts of their homes or locations. These days’ people are aware that to be successful, all they require is to keep themselves abreast with the latest standards in the SEO field, ability to formulate clever and creative marketing strategies and a passion for research; hence they are finding this field lucrative.


Besides these above mentioned reasons, monetary gains also play a vital role in attracting people towards this field. This is a dynamic profession where there is no requirement of any special educational or technical qualification to start your career as an SEO professional; all it requires is a passion to excel and to enjoy what you are doing.