February 22, 2024


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Plesk vs cPanel VPS Hosting: What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between cPanel and Plesk? - SERVER1.GE

The GUI-based control panel has successfully streamlined the management of web hosting services, creating efficient control and monitoring without needing any technical expertise. 

Two of the most demanded control panels are cPanel and Plesk, each with unique features and strengths designed for server management. When opting for Virtual Server Hosting, determining between Plesk and cPanel can seem challenging. 

Choosing a  domain and hosting package wisely is important, as it is where you evaluate the most crucial feature, i.e., a user-friendly VPS control for a seamless and robust online presence.

This article shall explore VPS servers with cPanel and Plesk and the difference between the two so you can make a better-informed choice. 

What is a Plesk Hosting?

Plesk is a popular control panel that provides users an interface for managing websites, applications, and servers. Initially, this platform was developed in 2001 and sold to Parallel, and after 15 years, in 2015, it became an independent entity. 

Later, in 2017, British Oakley Capital Limited took control of Plesk and has since been part of WebPros.

Plesk stands out due to its graphical user interface for managing web servers. It is famous as it is used for shared hosting, Virtual Server Hosting, and dedicated hosting and comes with many unique features and tools for managing websites, domains, email, databases, etc.

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel is a popular control panel known for web development in the hosting industry. 

It is combined with Web Host Manager, and they combinely handle different tasks such as administration configurations, and can manage numerous accounts and websites.

Difference between Plesk Vs cPanel

Factors cPanel Plesk
Plesk Vs cPanel Main ObjectivecPanel is elegantly designed to give a user-friendly experience for all user levelscPanel is a Comprehensive UI designed for experienced users, aiming for an all-embracing experience
Plesk Vs cPanel Interface ExperiencecPanel has an easy customisable appearance based on the operating systemPlesk is crowded and may be troublesome for beginners, with an easy-to-navigate sidebar and top-right navigation bar
Plesk Vs cPanel FeaturesThe Features include-User-Friendly InterfaceWebsite ManagementApplication HostingServer ManagementSecurity FeaturesEmail ManagementDatabase ManagementBackup and RestoreCustomisation OptionsUser Account ManagementSSL/TLS SupportFile ManagerDNS ManagementLogs and AnalyticsSupport ResourcesFocuses on website and domain management with a user-friendly approach.Database Management:MySQL DatabasesphpMyAdminMySQL Database WizardRemote MySQLAuto-InstallersAuto-Installers:WordPressDrupalJoomlaphpBBEmail Management:EncryptionAutorespondersAddress ImporterEmail WizardForwardersEmail Disk UsageGlobal FiltersUser FiltersDomain Management:DNS ManagerAddon DomainsAliasesSubdomainsPreview WebsiteRedirectsFile Manager:Website BackupFile Disk UsageFile ManagerFTP ConnectionsImagesGit Version ControlInode CounterMetrics:BandwidthAwstatsConcurrent Connection UsageCPU UsageVisitorsRaw AccessErrorsSecurity:IP BlockerSSL/TLSLets EncryptHotlink ProtectionSSH AccessLeech ProtectionTwo-Factor Authentication
Plesk Vs cPanel PricingGenerally offers lower costs, making it budget-friendly.

It tends to have more expensive plans with advanced features and customisation options. Pricing may vary based on website complexity.
Plesk Vs cPanel Customer SupportAmple community support with extensive online resources, forums, documentation, and video tutorials.
A robust support system with paid options provides comprehensive assistance for users requiring more help.
Plesk Vs cPanel AppearanceElegant design with a customisable look, reminiscent of WordPressLogical distribution of elements, categorised applications, and a bit crowded


Although both panels have their strengths and weaknesses, evaluating your business needs and the type of website you are looking to host is best. 

Generally, cPanel is better suited for small businesses with a simple website management solution. 

In contrast, the Plesk VPS Server panel is a more comprehensive control panel solution well-suited for larger businesses and organisations.