May 23, 2024


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Ram Mount – The Gadget Mounting System You Can’t Ride Without

Mounting electronic gadgets on your motorcycle is about adding functionality in a safe way that does not compromise the look of your motorcycle or interfere with any aspect of riding the motorcycle. Long distance motorcycle riders often need GPS assistance and may want to use a CB or radar detector. With so many different motorcycles and so many different electronic gadgets how do you find a mount that fits your bike and your gadget? Ram Mount has a solution that mi note 6 pro just works! Until you have held a Ram Mount kit in your hands it is confusing.

What parts do you need and how does it work? But as soon as you have held one and played with one it all makes sense. Their patented 2-ball design is ridiculously simple, yet beautiful. Ram Mount uses a ball fixed on the motorcycle and a ball-holder assembly on the device plus an “arm” that connects the two balls. The connecting arm has a socket on each end with a wing nut or thumb screw that is used to clamp the socket tightly to the balls.

With this design there is effectively 2 pivot points which can be pivoted in any direction similar to the elbow and wrist joint in a human arm. This allows your device to be put at the correct angle, height and left to right position for best visibility and to avoid interfering with other functions. Three different arm lengths are available (1.75″, 3″ and 5.25″) and the 1″ diameter balls are rubber coated to prevent slippage. Ram Mount makes model specific holders for smart phones, tablets, Garmin, TomTom and other GPS as well as adjustable generic holders that will clamp onto any number of devices like a portable CB, XM radio receiver etc.

Their radar detector mount incorporates a plate and magnet system that allows the detector to be easily removed and used in another vehicle. Ram Mount also has camera mounts that thread into the tripod hole on your camera and don’t forget the Ram Mount Aquabox, a waterproof box with clear flexible cover that comes in several sizes. “But where do I mount it on my bike,” you ask? Ram Mount has multiple options for any bike.

The most simple and common is of course a U-bolt that attaches to the handle bars but they also have ball mounts that attach using the clutch or brake reservoirs, the headlight switch, triple tree hole mounts, motorcycle mirror stem mounts and suction mounts just to name a few. Since Ram Mount is made in the USA out of marine grade aluminum their quality is top notch and all parts are backed by a lifetime warranty.