May 19, 2024


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Are Apple products worth their price? To what extent are customers getting values for their products?

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If you value the ecosystem and the user experience, then yes, Apple products are worth it. Apple produces several devices but for this article, we’d be looking at smartphones and laptops. Smartphones are run on two major software, which is android software and iOS software. Same for laptops, there’s the MacBook which runs on the Mac OS and other laptops which run on software like windows, Linux, and so on. The iOS and Mac OS are software peculiar to apple products alone, and they were developed by somewhat using a distinct programming language by Apple, whereas Android is developed from the open-source Linux software.

Many smartphone companies like Sony, Techno, Infinix, Huawei, Samsung, and lots more adopt android software. Android users are provided with a wide range of choices while iOS users experience consistency in products.

Why do Apple products cost so much?

Here are some reasons Apple products cost so much, but it’s up to the customer to decide if it’s worth the cost.

iPhone is always compared to what is known to be at the top of the Android phone companies, Samsung. Records show that Samsung had a higher percentage of sales of smartphones than Apple, however, Apple managed to generate a larger profit of about four times the percentage profit of Samsung. Such a high profit on little sales could mean that the manufacturing cost of Apple smartphones is low, but with high prices. iPhone users are simply paying for the ’iPhone experience’, and people that can’t afford to buy the new ones can purchase cheaper refurbished iPhones at lower prices from online outlets like Mac of all trades and other such stores.

Integrity and performance
It’s impossible to compare the integrity of Android devices over iOS devices, in terms of quality and performance. It’s no question that android devices dominate the market, however, the android software is used by more than 20 manufacturers, creating a range of variety, whereas iPhone provides inward consistency and quality manufacturing. Apple just sits back and evaluates growing trends like; wireless charging, etc., some of which are developed by android companies and incorporates them into their devices while android companies battle it out amongst themselves to advance their products as well as increase their customer base. You could check out a list of computer store companies to learn more.

iPhones have a more congruent price range from about $700 to well over $1000 for more advanced models while android phones offer a wide range of variable prices from as low as $100 to as high as $1000 or a little bit more. This makes iPhones pricier and considered to be more sophisticated.

The iPhone experience
Android phones allow for user customization, hence users have different experiences with apps whereas iOS is focused on creating spontaneous, and smooth services, taking into consideration online reviews of users. iOS software doesn’t offer the range of freedom offered by android software, which allows for smoother operation since there are barely changes made to their features. The prevention of unnecessary changes to the phone features like storage, security, and so on, allows iPhones to keep their devices secure from hacking and viruses, they control everything from the manufacturing process to the programming process, even to repairs, hence making their devices easier to maintain.

In conclusion, if you’d prefer a customizable, easily enhanced, and repairable user experience, then you should opt for the android. But if you prefer easy to use, constantly updated, and smooth-running system, then the iPhone is the perfect fit for you.